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Albums You've Listened To Today, V.9

The Cat 3

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Taylor Swift- Midnights 


Yeah, still obsessed with this album.

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I sat through three Fates Warning albums.


I just wanna say I was super bored and felt the need to really try and get into them.


What happened?


Well, I'm still really bored.


What were the albums called?




Fates Warning- Yawn

Fates Warning- Oh ffs why

Fates Warning- Can I have a stroke please? No, not like that, I just need an excuse to get out the house. How is hospital food these days?

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I listened to a lot of Prog/Prog related stuff over the weekend


Spooky Action at a Distance: Pattern-Seeking Animals: Amazon.fr: CD et  Vinyles}

New Pattern Seeking Animals album. Very melodic band who write good tunes.


DISTRICT 97 - Stay For The Ending

New one from District 97. This band deserve to be much bigger.


Amazon.com: Sophomore: CDs & Vinyl

Second album from D'Virgilio, Morse & Jennings. Prog meets CSN&Y!!


Glass Hammer - Arise

New Glass Hammer album. A SF concept album. Pretty heavy for Glass Hammer.


When did Green Lung release This Heathen Land?

New one from doom/occult/stoner rockers Green Lung. Great stuff and at times not a million miles away from Ghost.

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1 hour ago, treeduck said:

Nothing! Now that my stereo has died it's over! I'll never listen to music again, I'm finished! :fistscrying:

CD stereo? Is it hard to replace? I will help if needed!

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