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The 2022-23 Football (Soccer) Thread

Nova Carmina

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16 minutes ago, Nova Carmina said:

I'll admit I was hoping for more chaos, after the fun of yesterday. Maybe the Japanese and the Ticos still have some surprises in store.

Japan with TWO goals!  :7up:


(pending review)



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3 minutes ago, goose said:



Banzai Mega All-Star Soccer Set with Inflatable Soccer Goal Net and Ball -  NEW 191124003272 | eBay

29 minutes ago, blueschica said:

Yeah, we sit here with it on anyway though!  :biggrin:

I don`t not want one. :drool:


Hey, my cat can make lots of posts appear in one by treading on the right keys!

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World Cup on fire today. Two big hitters out. No sympathy for Belgium who repeatedly failed to understand that you need to score goals in this game. But a bit sorry for Germany who went on the strength of an unusual result. I am only going on reports as surprise suprise I failed to see any games. 

St. Thomas today so once again I will be playing catch up later. Enjoy the games ya'all. 

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4 minutes ago, IbanezJem said:

How do you feel about a crying Suarez? Serves him right, or are you still in love?


World Cup Suarez is a cheating scumbag, and it serves him right.


Club Suarez, though . . . .

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