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Last movie you watched, v.2


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16 minutes ago, blueschica said:

I remember seeing that ages ago and it was pretty interesting!  Was it any good?  I can't remember! :biggrin:

Yeah it's a good one, in 1893 H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) reveals to his friends at a dinner party that he's built a time machine, he shows them the machine and how it works. Unfortunately one of his friends, a doctor, is Jack the Ripper (David Warner) and he just killed another victim on the way there. The police arrive asking questions and they find Jack's medical bag with knives and bloody gloves, and now they know the doctor is Jack. They search the house but they can't find any sign of him, so they leave to continue the manhunt. Wells checks the cellar and finds his time machine gone. He knows the machine will return soon though because he has the key that controls it. When it returns Wells sees that Dr Stevenson aka Jack has travelled to 1979 and now he has to go after him to stop him from creating a new reign of terror in the future!

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My wife and I were going to watch the Zack Snyder cut as our Saturday night viewing but she baulked when she realised it was nearly 4 hours long.

We watched the original cut but before and after I have been trying to watch the Zack S version to see if and how it improves things. 

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