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7 hours ago, Segue Myles said:

Their debut album came out in 1990.


They are a unique band. They started out intense Doom metal, and by the late nineties embraced electropop. 


I recommend a middle album, One Second. Or the self titled from 2005.

1990?  that may help to explain why I never heard of them.  Once you get to the 1990's I drifted away from a lot of music because well, it drifted away from my tastes.  Basically for me the 1990's and 2000's until now represented a dark age that is just starting to lift.  Their were occasional ray's of light, and I am finding more than I was aware of, but unlike in the 1970's and 1980's they did not get a lot of regular airplay - at least not that I was aware of.  So I am having to dig through Youtube to find these fragile becons of light.


Given how you describe them I am not certain that would fall into my taste range but I will add them to my list to try.  Thanks for the recomendation.

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7 hours ago, J2112YYZ said:


You never heard Resurrection from Halford? That's a very good album. Have you heard Accident Of Birth or The Chemical Wedding from Dickinson? Those are as good as anything he's done since returning to Maiden.

Resurrection?  The live album - correct?  Very good live show.  A rare glimpse of light during the (IMO) musical darkness of the 1990's / 200's.  But the music and lyrics I don't go wild for.  But I agree with you - very good performance (assuming we are talking about the same album).  


As for the Bruce albums you mentioned, I don't believe so.  I really enjoyed Tattooed Millionaire and then had another solo Bruce album but sold it as I was not impressed.  Thanks for recommending these, I will try to check them out.

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7 hours ago, J2112YYZ said:


Yes, he does. Tyranny Of Souls is very good too. He has a new album coming out next month. As great as he is in Maiden there's a different kind of greatness he taps into with his solo material.

Thanks for recommending - another one to add it my list to try.

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Song title update:


1.    "Panic Attack"   
2.    "The Serpent and the King"     
3.    "Invincible Shield"     
4.    "Devil in Disguise"     
5.    "Gates of Hell"     
6.    "Trial by Fire"  
7.    "As God Is My Witness"

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