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Favorite Song from My Favorite Headache


Which is your favorite song on this album?  

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  1. 1. Which is your favorite song on this album?

    • My Favorite Headache
    • The Present Tense
    • Window to the World
    • Working at Perfekt
    • Runaway Train
    • The Angels' Share
    • Moving to Bohemia
    • Home on the Strange
    • Slipping
    • Still
    • Grace to Grace

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Man, the first five tracks are stellar, IMO.


My Favourite Headache

The Present Tense

Window To The World

Working At Perfekt

Runaway Train



I voted Working At Perfekt. Pure perfection. wink.gif

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The Angel's Share, I love it. smile.gif


Still would come a close second.

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I said "Slipping" because it's such an amazing love song. I love how the sentiments in it makes me actually cry, or at least have my eyes veiled in tears. That song really is a masterpiece.

"The Angels Share" is a really beautiful song, too.

I cried to "The Present Tense" for some strange reason the first time I heard it.

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It's Geddy Lee! How can I choose?! wub.gif


But I ended up choosing "Slipping." Whoever that song is dedicated to is the luckiest woman in this world. I have a feeling that she is Nancy, Geddy's wife of thirty-four years. I envy her so much. laugh.gif

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I just listened to this album again last week on the train (along with Victor). You can hear Geddy's influence in Rush. The melodies and the groove. I like Home on the Strange best (he's a Canadian icon).


Geddy is my favorite member of the band, but I really think he sounds best with Alex and Neil.



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