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  1. You got that right!!! The last time I saw Distant Signals (Hard Rock in Pgh) was probably the best I'd ever seen them play. Nice long sets with lots of unexpected song choices. Excellent! Looking forward to a fun night out with some live Rush. :)
  2. How nice to see a post from you! I thought of you often this last tour, recalling fun in Vegas!! Hope you are well!! <3
  3. Very sorry to hear of your loss. Your story did bring tears to my eyes also. I too, spent days sitting with my mom for days before she passed. I also played music for her after she was unable to talk. I believe, as hard as it is for us that remain, it's very precious for those who are leaving to have us with them when they pass. I believe my mom knew I was there, and I'm sure your dad knew you were there too. An incredibly painful example of your love for him. My condolences are with you.
  4. The TShirt over long sleeved TShirt is one of my faves. Better than the button down over the TShirt by far.
  5. He's not wearing the All Stars anymore. Keep up, dude! http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3715/9580657685_0d39414549_z.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7323/9583442746_799c993229_z.jpg I'm told that those suede shoes he was wearing for the second half of the tour are Hugo Boss shoes. Doubt they are cheap.
  6. I saw the 40th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Concert last night here in Pittsburgh. It was really very good, I enjoyed it much more than I expected. It was billed as a one-off as members not touring with them did appear for a few songs each. The first half was done (very well) with a full orchestra, the second half was the band only. Here is the article from the local paper about the show: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/music/kansas-celebrates-its-40th-anniversary-in-pittsburgh-699307/ and Here is the review after from the local paper: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/music/kansas-carries-on-with-dignity-at-40th-anniversary-concert-699721/
  7. Yes, it was an excellent show. The audience for Rush shows here have always been very good and they've had a dedicated following in Buffalo and it's surrounding areas for many years now. If you look back on in their tour archives, Buffalo has been a regular stop for them on just about every tour since AFTK. Rarely have they toured over the last 35 years and missed coming here. There was an old radio station here who's format included playing tons of Rush both new and old. They would play the crap out of all the old hits and even the newer stuff as well until it changed it's format to modern rock in 1995. That station was one of the huge driving forces as to why Rush gained such a following here and is responsible for making a lot of people around here fans of Rush, myself included. Being only 90 minutes from where they live in Toronto i'm sure was a big help in that as well. True. Although I grew up in Pennsylvania I was closer to Buffalo than Pittsburgh, Erie or any other "city" in Pennsylvania. Buffalo was the source of all our media, TV, Newspapers and the all important FM Radio. Living in the middle of nowhere, the FM radio was so very important to us. Rush was really prevalent on the Buffalo radio stations. We've often wondered if our love of rush was assisted by our proximity to Buffalo and, in turn, Canada.
  8. I saw this too. I'd not ever seen one end up there on the stage. I didn't see Neil drop it , I thought it might have been a broken one. I'm just glad that Ged saw it, would have been awful for him or Al to have stepped on it and fallen. :(
  9. That's an excellent spot to be. :) I was third row right in front of Ged's microphone for the Time Machine show in Vegas a few years ago.. it was lovely!!
  10. I have acrylic nails and have them done every other Saturday. I love the convenience and enjoy the time in the nail salon. Mine are very short and square, barely past the end of my fingertips and never any of those crazy designs, just polished with a normal color.
  11. Currently the Arena site is still a parking lot, the way things are going, it could still be a parking lot by that time.. a nice outdoor show with a view of the city..
  12. This is the true marketing genius. We, the fans, attend each show and tour as if it is the last. These guys have been very specific in stating that they will play and tour as long as they can and as long as they are enjoying it, and in the next breath talk about how hard it is on them... leading us to believe or to feel that this may be it.. I thought that TM might be it, now I feel like CA might be it.. we have to see them and as much as we can cause we don't know when it will end. They are genius to hint that it's too hard for them, but never to say that they will stop. Just my thoughts..
  13. Don't worry, dude's last name is "Putterman" trust me he's suffering.
  14. Apparently yes judging by the picture they used.. Is it just me or does anyone else find that mildly insulting..? No 40 year old band is as relevant and active as Rush! They're bigger than ever and current pics of them are even easier to come by.. So why portray the with 30 year old pics?? I think it's a little jab from the clowns at the "rock and roll hall of faults".. The choice of photos was a little suspect, but hey, I'll take any Rush article that doesn't say "nerd" or "banshee wail" any day. ;) Glad I'm not the only one annoyed by their choice of picture. Really? That's the only one you could come up with??
  15. MCM


    So very, very sorry to hear this. I know that the loss of one's Mom is the hardest thing to endure. I echo the sentiments of other and will be thinking of you and your family. I think of my mom and dad every day and miss them every day. Talk of her often when with family and she'll never be completely gone.
  16. Damn, I love those brown pants...
  17. Yes, it was. I saw five shows this tour and this was the only time I saw Limelight. I quit trying to keep track after Toronto so I had no idea if we would get it or no.
  18. Was this limited to SA? Has anyone heard anything similar about Houston?
  19. Listening to the CD right now, doesn't sound much better than either of the bootlegs that I have. I was expecting a better sound.
  20. The back of one of the Geddy ones says "Geddy Lee gave me this shirt to prove he can rock an afro" one of them says something like "Geddy Lee gave me this shirt with a picture of someone who looks like him"
  21. Can I just say "I love those brown pants"
  22. If they don't know about Different Stages, then they need to study up! :)
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