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    Next to the beer cooler
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    hanging out with my Wife, son and 2 girls . playing Drums , Beer, going to shows, Beer , Cooking , Beer , watching football , Beer , watching baseball, Beer , cranking Metal and Beer
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    Jones Beach 6 - 23 -13
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    All depends on my mood
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    Not sure anymore
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    seeing them for the first time [81] and seeing them in the 3 row [presto tour] and taking my wife and 10 month old son zakk [at the time] to spac in 07 and meeting the people on this board in july 08 at p.n.c.
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    Van Halen , Black Label Society , Billy Cobham , Iron Maiden , Judas Priest, Sevendust,Alice Cooper, Allman Brothers, Kiss, Kansas,Yes
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    drummer since 1980

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  1. Oh Ticky I think the album is great "Astonishing " even
  2. You will I shall return Sooner than later
  3. 33 Years ago today John Henry Bonham passed away Crank some Zep and drink a cold one r.i.p.
  4. I like it so far, i think the ballad sucks Producton is good but i don't hear anything as good as Outcry or Lost Not Forgotten
  5. Nah , i don't think so JP wrote them and he along with Jordan are still friends with him Plus, Your 15 min is up ? Hate Portnoy all you want but he is still a famous guy It can really be about anyone they have met but i don't think it's about Portnoy
  6. I agree He should wear a Baseball jersey from the town they are in Or a Slayer shirt
  7. My top 5 fav "Live" albums Judas Priest -Unleashed In The East Kiss - Alive Alice Cooper -The Alice Cooper Show The Allman Brothers Band -LAFE Kansas -Two For The Show My fav live Rush album Exit Stage Left
  8. I remember hearing it on the radio Moon was the man ! rip
  9. I would like to take all these "Boy Bands" Set them on fire and throw them off a cliff I also would like 5 min alone with Justin Beiber In a room with a baseball bat filled with rusty nails
  10. Get everything up to 1980 then stop Unless you like watered down Pop/Disney music
  11. We got this on PPV . What a shit show, they were drunk and sloppy . Cheese , pure cheese
  12. I love the Dio era Long Live Rock & Roll is their Masterpiece imo
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