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Status Updates posted by treeduck

  1. I've finally got my hands on the Alan Parsons Project box set, 11 CDs! What do you think about that??? I'll assimilate it into THE SCHEDULE!
    1. bluefox4000


      APP Is amazing dude. one of my favs!!! very metal!!!!
    1. Rod in Toronto

      Rod in Toronto

      I showed this to my mountain bike...now it's a Harley.
  2. Skullchrist! I've always thought that was a great user name!
  3. Hey I really liked your other avatar better!
    1. Meow


      Which one?
  4. Where are you Jaime???
  5. Don't worry I'm keeping an eye on you. ;-)
  6. Tick is foolish!
  7. I'm spying on your profile Sunny!
  8. Baby, you're insane and you don't even care!!
  9. Hey Ozzy you're just a bit older then me, by just over 3 months!
    1. ozzy85


      A '67 model, huh? All the metal references make sense, then. I guess that makes you about identical in age as Kurt Cobain. (Most Seattle Grunge dudes were born mid '60's... too bad I was playing in a crappy band two counties to the north then.)


      Your fault for the Saxon recommendation... :) I went on a two week Saxon bender at work. I'm good friends with Long Arm Of The Law.

    2. ozzy85


      There should be a sub catagory for the Muscle Car Thread... post a car from the year you were born.
  10. EARL!! Where the hell are you? Hiding from Wendy in Rio De Janeiro??
  11. Jack where are you??
    1. Jack Aubrey

      Jack Aubrey

      Here. Whatcha need?
  12. You've nothing in here Pete so I thought I'd fill it with my usual garbage!
    1. Hatchetaxe&saw


      What is this place?
  13. Tick are you going to grow a wizardly beard like Jordan Rudess?
    1. Tick


      I could if I wanted to but nah, too itchy for my liking
    2. treeduck


      I wouldn't either, in fact I don't get the whole silly beard phenomenon.
  14. Tick you're a fool too!
  15. Jenny your profile says "age unknown" well I know your age, how much will you pay for me to keep quiet?
  16. I've come to your page Amy in a effort to draw you back to TRF more regularly!
  17. When you can walk the rice paper and eat it at the same time it will be time for you to leave TRF!
    1. JohnnyBlaze


      Came back because I knew someone would post that I'd been around 10 yrs...I remembered I joined the first week of July 2005 because that's when I got back from Beijing and climbing Tai Shan; joined less than a week after that trip. Had to tell other Rush fans. I was right. Sullysue posted something.
    2. treeduck


      Ok I'll have to read up on it...
  18. Jaime loves to get grimy and slimy with her favourite limey!
  19. Where've you been hiding mate??
    1. Godeater2112


      Hey Pat!!!! How the hell have you been man? I've been busy as dozens of f***s at work and haven't been doing the forum thing too much. Excited about this tour though, are you getting to see the boys this time around?



    2. treeduck


      Hey Chris, get back on here ASAP! I've been good thanks, how you been doing? I don't know, we'll have to see if RUSH come over to Europe on this tour!
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