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  1. This band has been such an integral part of my life since the age of 13, it's like I've just lost a family member. I'm just wandering around my house and then sitting down again, feeling pretty lost. This really hurts.
  2. I am totally numb. At a complete loss for words or thoughts.
  3. Treeduck, you are the most original soul I know. Don't ever change. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Treeduck is VERY original. Hey, wait a tick.... that post looks familiar....
  4. Happy Birthday, Sunny!!!! I hope all your birthday wishes come true. :sundog:
  5. Yay, Earl! Thirteen years of indecipherable rambling and questionable wisdom! You: Us: And, we wouldn't have it any other way. Congrats on the TRF anniversary, my friend. :cheers:
  6. This is truly amazing! I'm so happy for you Lorraine. This is testament to what a wonderful place TRF is. The board is going on 15 years since its inception, and not for nothing that it's still around. This is a gathering of some of the most incredibly generous, loving and compassionate people anywhere.
  7. That was fantastic. Any chance to see them is a real treat. Thanks, 73. :) I seriously miss the anticipation of a new album and tour from them. But, knowing they're enjoying their lives makes me almost as happy.
  8. When is the Steven Wilson re-mix of this album going to be released? As far as I've read, it's been finished for a long time but not released. I'm going to get my hands on his re-mix of Songs from the Big Chair, one of my all-time fav albums. I still have my original vinyl, and my 16-year-old spins it on a regular basis!
  9. That's awesome! I love that the show has a Rush geek as a recurring character. "Why don't you explain what van life is like?" "In a word: Chaos." :haz:
  10. Thanks, Lorraine and everyone else. :) TRF is like a second home to me. Damn, you'd think I would have gotten a life by now.
  11. Here's to 13 years for one of TRF's OGs! :cheers: Always nice to see the familiar "face" of the Freezable Fridge on the board. :D
  12. Happy Birthday, Earl! :7up: Neil sends his birthday wishes, too, and says you are his favorite hyper fan ever and wants to get together for drinks and to man crush on each other! :Neil:
  13. Jack! How goes it? :hi: You know, I still have that copy of Hemmingway's Chair you sent when we had that Monty Python writing contest a million years ago! :)
  14. No kidding!! Thanks everyone :) Aw! Sorry this was missed, Mr. Hollywood. :( Happy 12th TRF anniversary, Monkey Man! :cheers:
  15. This would be an amazing thing if it actually happens. Minnemann is one of my favorite drummers. My daughter and I met the band, including him and SW, after a Steven Wilson concert. Aside from being wildly talented, he was unbelievably approachable and friendly.
  16. So many bands are covering songs instead of creating original music. 99.9% have been horrible. Sound of Silence should NEVER have been covered. Period. And, certainly not by Disturbed. WHO the hell thought Zombie should be sung by anyone other than Dolores O'Riodran? Every single time I hear Aerosmith's version of Come Together I immediately turn it off. Blasphemy. But...If you're going to cover an already amazing song, this is how you do it...
  17. Oh, my goodness. So young. :( Rest in peace, bordercollie.
  18. Happy Birthday, Duck! :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :codger:
  19. I hope it's a good birthday for you, old man! :codger: :codger: :codger: :codger: :codger: :cheers:
  20. I voted! Harvey Keitel Gary Oldman Anthony Hopkins James Stewart Bill Murray Tom Hanks Denzel Washington
  21. OMG.. no, no, no, no!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  22. Happy Anniversary, Earl!!! :eyeroll: :cheers:
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