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Your least favorite song lyrics Neil have ever written?


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I foolishly tried listening to Good News First last night. Not only is the lyric atrocious but so is Geddys yodeling.

"..it couldve been wooOORRSSSe..."



I love the show where they solve all the murders!




Wait...wrong song. Still love the show, though.


That song eats a big one too. lol


Hard to believe an old school hardcore fan like Nick R sat there during those sessions enthusiastically nodding his head and giving thumbs up while they recorded those garbage songs "Yes! Yes! Perfect! Sounds awesome! That's a great take!"

I wouldve been in the control room with my face in my hands :facepalm: wondering what happened to these guys, they wrote the 2112 Overture for God's sake.... :o


Luckily, not everybody feels as you do.

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- Most of the debut, glad Neil started writing the lyrics. "Well, you make me crazy, the way you roll them eyes" is the bottom of the barrel.

- "Anthem" is basically "Ayn Rand" the musical. Lowlight: "Well I know they always told you selfishness was wrong, and yet it was for me, not you that I came to write this song".

- The first verse of "I Think I'm Going Bald"

- "2112" has some groaners. "The Elder race of man" anyone?

- "Natural Science" sounds too much like attempts at being cool as possible with no coherency. "A quantum leap forward, in time and space, the universe learned to expand" sounds like teenage sci-fi. Part III has GREAT lyrics though

- "Vital Signs" also has pretty much no coherency.


Though I like all of those songs, sans Vital Signs.

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- "2112" has some groaners. "The Elder race of man" anyone?


This is actually a clever Mormon reference. Neil was flirting with Mormontology at this juncture of their career.

Little know fact: Neil's handlebar mustache was an arcane Freemasonry symbol. Better than Zildjian.

-Elder Berry

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We Hold On


Dunno why the lyrics here particularly irritate.


I guess Slammin' Front Doors, Chaffing Against Repetition and Measuring Coffee Breaks is veering dangerously into Coldplay territory.

You're not a fan of TS Elliot, I take it.
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