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11 - Best Song From Power Windows


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

    • The Big Money
    • Grand Designs
    • Manhattan Project
    • Marathon
    • Territories
    • Middletown Dreams
    • Emotion Detector
    • Mystic Rhythms

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Power Windows is one of my favourite albums. I love ALL the songs but my absolute favourite is Mystic Rhythms. Cant explain properly but the lyrics just speak to me personally.


Just in case you couldn't tell from my signature!! tongue.gif

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Mystic Rhythms -- love the atmosphere and its one of their most successful synth era songs to me, it still holds up really well.



3-The Big Money

4-Grand Designs


6-Emotion Detector

7-Manhattan Project

8-Middletown Dreams

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Back in the 80's when I first got the album I would have said either The Big money, Manhattan Project or Mystic Rhythms. Over time Marathon joined that group. The during the last year the rest of the songs joined the group so this is another hard album to pick from.


Went with Grand Designs just because.

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This was another hard decision for me, but I went with Marathon for the instrumental break alone! Classic Rush, Even though middletown dreams has one of my favorite solos by alex and Big Money just rocks. I felt Marathon held everything we like about RUSH!


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I really love Emotion Detector here. It really disappoints me that it isn't a more popular song. I think it is one their best efforts at meshing keyboards with guitar. The guitar solo is excellent and I also love the lyrics. I know the concepts presented are pretty basic, but I think Neil Peart's artistic flair elevates a simplistic concept to a thing of beauty. I truly believe Emotion Detector was much more worthy of mainstream recognition than Big Money. b_sigh.gif
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Best song is Manhattan Project for me! Killer Guitar solo and concert video!


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Territories. Pretty 80s sounding, but more melodic than their previous two to my ear. Lyrically interesting and some really cool hooks. I liked this most of this album at first spin. Fabulous live.
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QUOTE (presto123 @ Apr 17 2012, 02:29 AM)
Close race. I will go Marathon.

cool.gif I c what you did there


and I am really disappointed to see so many people not in love with Power Windows. this is a great one.

Emotion Detector is my favorite, by far, and it's my favorite Rush drinking song. Oh man.

Middletown Dreams is great though. "Middle-aged madonna caaaaallllls her neighbor on the phone. Day by day the seasons pass and leave her life alone.. " little tears every time


And Manhattan Project is about my birthday biggrin.gif


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The Big Money is my all time favorite song, but Grand designs and Marathon are in the top ten so it's hard not to vote for them too
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