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  1. I was fine with them dropping Manhattan Project, as its never been a favorite of mine. I love Dreamline, and so does my wife, who was thrilled to hear that live. Us old school fans may get tired of some songs, but for folks like my wife who are relatively new to the band, I am glad they do Limelight and Dreamline. Honestly this show was a good mix of hits and deep cuts. They covered the ones they had to, as well as the new material (love that too!) and I still heard a few live I hadn't heard in concert before. I went away happy. As for Al's guitar tone, it did sound a little flat, but I chalked it up to being on Ged's side of the stage, and not being able to hear it as well. I didn't realize it sounded that way to everyone. But it wasn't distracting. It was still a great show.
  2. QUOTE "Halo Effect" is destined to be among the band's classic power ballads with a dramatic middle and end. I missed something here quoting this, halo effect is more a mediocre ballad. I completely disagree. I think It's up there with Tears, Madrigal and Different Strings. And those three songs are among the band's classic power ballads?? I love Halo Effect, and Tears, and Different Strings, but to be honest, as stated, they are average Rush tracks. When I think classic power ballads by Rush, I think Closer to the Heart.
  3. Neil looks like an angry resident of Whoville.
  4. Set One _______ The Spirit of Radio The Analog Kid Force Ten Vapor Trail Manhattan Project The Wreckers YYZ Clockwork Angels Freewill Subdivisions Jacob's Ladder Limelight Set Two _________ Caravan BU2B The Anarchist Losing It Wish Them Well The Garden Headlong Flight/(drum solo)/Headlong Flight 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale) The Trees Xanadu Tom Sawyer (encore) Working Man/Finding My Way/Working Man
  5. A lot of SnA (musically speaking) reminds me of MFH. Only MFH is a far superior product.
  6. QUOTE Carnies is one of the best tracks on CA, people just haven't realized that yet! Agreed - it is definitely one of the songs that jumped out at me. It does have a clunky title, but the song itself is great!
  7. CA is to SnA what FBN is to Rush... CA is to SnA what 2112 is to CoS... CA is to SnA what PoW is to GuP... CA is to SnA what CP is to RtB...
  8. Neat-o peat-o!! Oh, and Skeddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 1. La Villa Strangiato 2. YYZ 3. Leave That Thing Alone 4. The Main Monkey Business 5. Where's My Thing? 6. Limbo 7. Malignant Narcissism 8. Hope
  10. Nice one Animate! Gonna frame this! It was fun! We absorbed (and are still absorbing) CA, but doing so in smaller doses. This has inspired us to do other musical marathons as well! Groups on the agenda: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Styx, Foo Fighters, and possibly The Stones, although we have nowhere near all of the Stones albums (after 1974 who would???) But we love the early stuff.
  11. Caravan and BU2B will get played for sure. Clockwork Angels Carnies The Anarchist Headlong Flight The Wreckers Wish Them Well The Garden
  12. CA is better than: Rush Caress of Steel Hold Your Fire Presto Roll the Bones Test for Echo Vapor Trails Snakes and Arrows CA is NOT better than: well, um ... I think you can deduce these from the other list!
  13. Overrated: Yea, The Anarchist. Its a good song, as they all are. But I don't get all the craziness over it? Underrated: Carnies -- quite possibly one of the coolest songs in the last ten years from Rush.
  14. I was there the 2nd time through Atlanta on that tour! It was cool seeing all the cameras and thinking, yes! This will be on DVD! Of course, only 4 songs got on DVD, but hey, I can say I was there.
  15. After listening to the official copy of CA last night, my wife got in the mood for the Time Machine CD. So we listened to it. Then we realized, with the exception of SnA Live, we made it through the entire marathon, just slightly out of order there at the end.
  16. QUOTE I found it very interesting that Geddy commented on Neurotica. Not just that he would comment on not relating to it today - but the fact that he was listening to somewhat obscure older songs. As if he was scouring the back catalog and considering what they could pull off with conviction. I suspect there will be some huge surprises in the setlist this time around! I thought the same thing. But I like Neurotica, its one of the better tunes on RTB to me. Was hoping this would mean they would play it, but from Ged's reaction, guess not. And I agree about Sabastian Bach, but I like Jack Black, I get what his shtick is all about, so it was okay with me. But Bach was annoying, especially when he gets so wet about being this huge fan and then not only misquotes "Circumstances" but then cites the wrong Ayn Rand book as the inspiration for 2112.
  17. I don't think Rush's tour starts until September, so its most likely they would be included in the fall tour listings.
  18. wilb1972

    The Wreckers

    I remember reading that Neil was partially inspired by Jamaica Inn, and I can't get the image of the old Hitchcock film out of my head when I listen. I am sure he was inspired by the novel the movie was based on, but I still see that old b/w footage when I listen knowing that was part of his inspiration.
  19. QUOTE Rush, have produced a body of music of surprising complexity for a trio.
  20. Moving Pictures Permanent Waves A Farewell to Kings Counterparts Power Windows Hemispheres Clockwork Angels Vapor Trails 2112 Signals Presto Fly by Night Test for Echo Hold Your Fire Grace under Pressure Roll the Bones Rush Snakes and Arrows Caress of Steel for now, anyway ...
  21. CA has made me realize how forced and unrealized most of the material on SnA was. CA has made me pine even more for a remix of VT, as I love that album and this should've been the follow-up to VT. CA has made me realize everything Rush has done since CP has been a continuing evolution towards making an album this good. CA has made me see that every album from Signals - RTB were one long experiment in pop songwriting and has many many highlights, but that this new album is Rush in their natural element - just being CA has made me love the old stuff even more. CA has made me excited about the tour!
  22. First my list (which changes day to day): Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels The Garden Carnies Headlong Flight The Wreckers Wish Them Well Seven Cities of Gold The Anarchist Halo Effect BU2B2 Second, it would appear the top vote getters so far are: 1. Clockwork Angels / The Garden (tie) 2. Caravan / The Wreckers (tie) 3. Headlong Flight 4. The Anarchist 5. BU2B 6. Carnies 7. Wish Them Well / Seven Cities of Gold (tie) 8. BU2B2
  23. QUOTE The full CA would result in a concert buzzkill of frightening degree. Did that happen in 1976 when they first played 2112 live? Or in '78 when they played Cyngus X-1 followed by Hemispheres? Thats 30 minutes of new music right there? And fans loved it. I am sure some were yelling, "Play In the Mood!" But for the most part, I like to think Rush fans aren't that close-minded about new material -- if its strong material. The buzzkill during the 2nd set of SnA when they played what, 5 new tracks in a row? That was a bummer cause most of those songs were mediocre. CA kills those songs. IMO.
  24. For obvious reasons, we have fallen out of the listening contest this past week. We thought after we gave CA a few spins we would get back into the listening marathon with SnA Live and Time Machine Live, but alas, we just cannot stop listening to CA... Such a dang good album! We both think its great! Sooo... I doubt we will make it with those last two releases - we have a very busy weekend planned and when we do listen to Rush we are listening to CA right now. Oh well, we bow defeated. But CA is worth it! Toooo good.....
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