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  1. I was watching the beginning of American Dad and 2112 was playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE-PVwPUT50
  2. I think that is a green shirt being fired from a shirt gun after the show. However, the force is strong with this one......
  3. Who is the orchestra touring with RUSH? Where are they from?
  4. I was re-reading "Contents Under Pressure" a book I refer to often, and does anyone have any information and music when they were in Hadrian and Hush? Just wondering what the boys sounded like before creating the greatest band in the world. EG
  5. Where's your RUSH? Ahhhhh, the catalog is large but, In my car I have Vapor Trails, Snakes and Arrows, RUSH in RIO, R30 Anniversary. In my den, I have Beyond the Lighted Stage, RUSH in RIO, R30. At work I have Spirit of Radio, Presto and Counterparts, Kings and Moving Pictures, and CA. Funny how the different albums ended up where EG
  6. Ok, maybe this is obvious, while at work today, humming the opening to caravan, I thought "CA Clockwork Angels" - CA - Canada. Ok,, is this too thinking into the new album? EG
  7. I was at CVS and looking over the magazine section, Rolling Stone had on the cover the summer of concert tours, listing every band this summer except RUSH What gives Rolling Stone?
  8. Sorry, I may have missed a posting, any word on the set list this time around? thanks
  9. The boys have got to be tired, all this touring, and rich, but this has got to be taking it's toll on their health,
  10. Who is the model on the Album Permanent Waves?
  11. Did Neil ever meet John, weird question, but, just wondering - EG
  12. Did Geddy wear earrings? Check around 3:27 to 3:36 EG
  13. I had a few confirmations from: http://www.nimitz.net/rush/faq2ans.html Thanks EG
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