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  1. I need a giant magnifying glass to read this. Glad I'm not the only one. I SAID GEDDYS VOCALS SOUND BETTER ON THE CD ;)
  2. Very cool - just listened to Xanadu in the car and it's so nice to actually be able to crank up the volume without it turning into mush (which is a sad commentary, really)
  3. Tony pointed out in another thread that Geds vocals are too high in the mix on the DVD. I agree, his vocals are mixed far too loud, while his own volume cuts in and out. These and are easy, routine fixes. I appreciate the desire to keep things raw, and I think Ged gives another powerful performance - but his 62 year old voice does not benefit from the glare of HD. Given how well the rest of the mix is, I'm surprised more attention wasn't given to round out the vocals Curiously, these issues seem to be addressed in the CD mix? I think his vocals sound way better - pushed back to their rightful place in the mix with the edges smoothed out a bit, showcasing the power of his voice rather than shining a spotlight on the rougher aspects. I think it’s a much more pleasurable listen and, for me, makes this their best sounding live CD since Different Stages.
  4. I got 2 for 111, row 11 I scored myself a Silver VIP ticket 14th row center, one seat from the isle - Oh Yeah!!! With a seat like that and the swag, it's totally worth the 300 bucks. And I was even able to grab seats for some friends / family through the fan-presale I was able to get 2 seats in the first row of section 102 and three seats right behind them - all at face value. The Rush Gods definitely smiled on me :) I'm sorry to anyone who couldn't get a seat. I know that in Chicago you can still pull up a random VIP package or regular seat through the other presale - so if you feel like "spinning the wheel" you could get lucky
  5. When it comes to Ged's voice, I am far more impressed by what he can still do vocally then I am bothered by his limitations. I think his voice has aged extremely well - far better then I ever would have imagined. A Rush show with some other dude belting out old school Geddy high notes would be far more cringe inducing then a flubbed note or "lack of enunciation". He can still deliver.
  6. Oh, aaaaaabsolutely. Where is the f***ing PIZZAZZ, Neil??? I saw them front row center last tour. What a snoozer. Even with all the mind blowing physicality, the intesity and focus, the newly improvised portions of the three drum solos he performed - I couldn't help but feel that my hard-earned patronage wasn't being appreciated by Neil Peart. I want jazz hands, I want smiles, I want sparkles, I want glimmers of childlike wonderment in his eyes as if every performance was a re-birth. or he could just bring back the tail. ;)
  7. Cool - was at this show, stayed at the Alpine Valley Resort and partied like a Rush fan :) Hard to believe I was barely 20 at the time!! Even harder to believe they are still going strong... As for Presto – it restored my faith in the band and remains one of my all-time favorites.
  8. Thanks :) Things are pretty splendid in Kev land ! Hope all is well with you too !!!
  9. The best thing about Alex's speech at the RRHOF was his total commitment to it. The longer it went, the better it was - especially since Geddy and Neil had no clue and smiled nervously while secretly wanting to kill him lol It helps if you're into that sort of wry, uncomfortable humor (i.e. Larry David or Louie C.K.)
  10. I bet it would. Oh my God, it was like hearing it for the first time. Hi Lorraine and everyone at TRF - it's been a while since I've been here :)
  11. I took a chance and bought some Audio Technica studio headphones last year (after reading countless good reviews on Amazon) and the first song I went to was Red Barchetta. Of course it sounded great through my home stereo – but even through my iPhone the sound was so much better than my regular headphones. Since then I have purchased a turntable (again, Audio Technica) and have immersed myself in vinyl. Lavilla from an original pressing of Hemispheres through any decent headphones will make you weep. Clockwork Angels is a good test as well. The sound quality is markedly improved on vinyl, especially through good headphones. So yeah, you’re going to need to get a decent turntable, find a great quality version of Hemispheres on vinyl and see if they will let you hook everything up in store… ;) Or just listen to Revolver
  12. Hey thanks guys - yeah, it was insanely intense - but once we hopped off the train and got in front of them, I was like - okay, these are just people. Very, very rich people ;) I wanted to get some sort of Rush reference in there, actually lol - but anything with a brand or logo had to be covered with tape. I think we need a Rush themed "Fun Time Express", only without the weed since it's a kids ride ! Thanks again!!
  13. In all of the excitement and anticipation of being on this show, I can't believe I didn't let my fellow Rush fans know that my partner and I made it on to Shark Tank with our trackless train business, the Fun Time Express!! We were just on last Friday - it's here at abc.go.com - it may be available on other sites that I cannot link to (ABC now owns my soul - ;) I feel bad - I may not have a ton of friends here, but I have been posting on this site and formally at CP for many years and wish I had let you guys know. This was a pretty monumental event for Stan (my partner) and I - thousands of people try out to pitch their business on this show and not only were we chosen, but our segment aired! I actually had no idea Stan had sent them an email about our business until we got a call asking for a video submission. Being on the creative side of our businesses, I put together a pretty hilarious audition tape - and needless to say, after months of paperwork and phone calls - we were flown to L.A. and had a train delivered to the studio for our taping. It was easily the most intense and nerve wracking experience of my life. Anyone who knows the show or is a fan, I can tell you this - it is 100 percent legitimate. The Sharks know absolutely nothing about you until you come through those doors. You don't get a second chance to deliver your pitch - there are no "re-takes" and the negotiations you see on air real (although edited, of course). If you aren't on point, they will shred you. I wont reveal the outcome if you haven't seen it, but it's a hoot. So take a look if you are interested - we are episode 524, the third pitch. I'm Kevin, the blonde haired dude in the engineer outfit. If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would be on national television pitching my choo choo train business in a pair of overalls, I would have slugged my drink and laughed. Life is weird.
  14. Hi Inyo - welcome to my ignore list.
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