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    All things Rush! I like to listen to music, read, watch movies, and have fun.
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    Las Vegas, July 25, 2015
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    Red Sector A/Natural Science
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    Clockwork Angels (Replaced GUP & Moving Pictures)
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    I have several: 1.) Getting a guitar pick from Alex at the 7/25/15 Vegas show hand delivered to me in 2nd row by his roadie, Scott Appleton! Drop Dead Wow! 2.) Being there in YYZ in 3rd row for both R40 shows and showing up in on the DVD! OMG! 3.)Numerous shows during the R40 & CA tours! Yeah! 4.) Seeing Rush get Inducted into the RRHOF in LA in person on 4/18/13! What a priceless evening! Once in a lifetime experience! About Time!! 5.) Had VIP front row in Hershey on 6/21/13 in front of Geddy! Just Face Melting!
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    Pet Shop Boys, Yes, Van Halen,Genesis, Ozzy, Peter Gabriel

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  1. That looked like one of the organizers of RushCon whose name is Jillian. Not sure if it's her though. Yep, that was her!
  2. Yeah yeah, we've heard it all before. Grow up, will ya? ;) I see I reeled in a flamethrower!! Good!! Hey Eagle, FYI...I'm plenty growed up!! It's a damn shame that our drummer doesn't share this logic. Last time I checked you don't diss the establishment that feeds you!
  3. Gonna throw my two cents in here! Ready for the flame throwers too! I think the enormous negativity stems from one thing: If the R40 tour was to be the F-I-N-A-L tour than bill it that way, not "last tour of this magnitude" crap! Sure the ticket prices would have gone to the moon, but at least we would have known on the front end versus seeing Neil do a final bow in LA and saying "Bye Bye forever!" Are you kidding me?? No European leg to least say thanks to those loyal fans?! Not everyone could afford to fly across the pond. Not fair at all! Not sure how Neil sleeps at night knowing he's pissed off his supposed best buds, Geddy and Alex, and many fans including me (and yes, I saw 7 shows this tour.) Oh, and don't get me started about that he has a young one at home! I can only imagine his pain losing both first wife and daughter within a short time period. I do care what happened, but if he misses her so much, it's time to ditch the motorcycle traveling and stay at home with her!! Okay, !!!!
  4. Boy, I had a good laugh with this poll! Are we all really that bored? Peart or herpes, eh? Well, I'll take Peart any day over the dreaded disease, but while you're at it, I'll have the case of Scotch as well too so I can scream at Peart all I want about ditching the gig!! RAHHHHH!!!!!
  5. I've been a Rush fan since 1980. Countless cassettes literally ripped to shreds with excessive playback and piles of worn out scratched CD's. Had to hide my posters as my mom HATED Rush! (Still does...nothing's changed there!) Missed the early years of touring due to finances/moving around frequently, but I have been to numerous shows since the CA & R40 tours. Imagine if this crazy Rat was at the early shows. Everyone would have looked on with great amusement. :haz: :haz: :rush: :haz: :haz:
  6. Rant On!! I'm sure that I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I'm not known for shutting up when incensed!! Since Neil has apparently packed it in, and not cared how the tour ended since only his demands/needs were met, how about thinking of a "new drummer" idea? Unless, someone can prove me wrong, I think his exit was tasteless and severely lacking! If this was indeed a "final" tour from him/Rush, than the collective fanbase had a right to know this upfront without having to hear of things coming out now. Okay, Rant Over!!
  7. As I was there both nights, Geddy's voice (without any tinkering) is what you hear in the video. Great magical stuff that 2nd night!
  8. For all those who haven't seen the show yet, wow, get ready to be blown away! Tomorrow in SLC will be my 5th show of 8 this tour and this 1980 fan is still shaking her head with this over the top tour! Just when I thought the last tour was great; this one is better!
  9. I'll be there with birthday bells on!!! What a nice present!!
  10. Not for later dates, it didn't. Less than 10 hours notice for the second go-round! I just happened to be online when the email came out around mdnight for presales at 10 am...very short notice!! I know some folks were extremely pissed about this!!
  11. FOH, So will we see an announcement before the Holidays or after the New Year? Like most on here, I'd rather not be glued to the laptop if it can be helped for that email in order to enjoy some holiday family time.
  12. Wow, that's a great find!!! Lots of Happy Listening and welcome to the Rush forum! :ebert:
  13. Yikes!!! Thanks Duck, now I can have nightmares in my new house! :scared: :scared: This makes the spiders I've seen the last few days look okay and harmeless... Sorry folks.....double post.....
  14. Yikes!!! Thanks Duck, now I can have nightmares in my new house! :scared: :scared: This makes the spiders I've seen the last few days look okay....
  15. Got internet and cable installed today at the new house. Woo Hoo!! Thank God as the hotel Internet speed was really slow the three weeks we were there. Nice to sleep in your own bed as well. This move has been a real challenge.
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