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Why not Australia?


Should Rush tour Australia?  

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  1. 1. Should Rush tour Australia?

    • Yes! It is WAY overdue!
    • Yes! By not playing world-wide they won't match up
    • Yes! Alex needs to ride a kangaroo!
    • Yes! The roadies need to drink more Foster's!
    • No! Neil will put off by Aussie fans!
    • No! Alex will want to move there!
    • No! Geddy will do his next solo album there!

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Oi mates,


What do you think of this hypothetical tour?:



Sydney (2 shows)





Five easy dates.


It could happen!!







-D-RocK- from Canada.

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Why not Australia? 'cos we're a pack of assholes who live WAYYY over there in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere.


Not gonna happen unless that do an Australasia-Pacific Tour.


The girlfriend and I are gearing up to by some tickets to the 2nd North American leg, hoping to catch a Toronto or Vancouver gig - good excuse to go holidays and burn some annual leave, last year it was to London.

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I just don't see enough of an audience there to make the trip worth it. It's an incredibly cost prohibitive trip to make.


I lived there for seven years, never heard a Rush song played on the radio once, and maybe only encountered one or two people that had even heard of the band.


I know there's more fans than that there, and they're just as passionate and in love with the band as anyone else. I'm just afraid the numbers aren't strong enough.


Most musicians I encountered in Melbourne were more into alternative rock and punk rock.... I tried to make it as a drummer there and I found it very difficult to find other musicians who shared my enthusiasm for Rush or any kind of progressive music.


Great scene if you like punk and metal though.




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Yep..After about 40 yrs , it's about time RUSH played the land down under. yes.gif
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