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  1. Yep, digging this album. Been a fan of Ray Luzier since his work in 'Army Of Anyone'.
  2. Been hammering this album for the past couple of days. Great release from the AB guys and dare I say verges, at times, on the fringe of prog metal.
  3. Great review, echoes my sentiments almost to a T. Still deciding what song's have lost their 'impact' with me, a few more listens perhaps. Fantastic mix though. With each listen comes a new treasure in an added solo, 'hidden' background vocals, lyrics I can now comprehend without reading a lyric sheet etc. Let's hope some more VT gems make the next set list.
  4. I live in Vancouver and will be going to the show. If you want you can send them to my house and then we can meet up when you get to Vancouver. Another option, if you don't trust the hotel to look after them for 4 weeks, is to have me pick them up from the hotel. Then I can give them to you when you arrive. PM me if you are interested. Thanks COTW, that's very generous of you and will take you up on that offer. PM sent!
  5. FYI, I picked up a couple of pre-sale tickets for the Vancouver show - had to get up at 4am Perth time. Section 117, Row 5 seat 1,2 which puts us on Alex's side, just a little up from the floor. Had a couple of reasonable (row 15) floor seats which I would have taken if the girlfriend weren't coming, as she's quite short and wouldn't be able to see a thing. Was no option to pick up the tickets at the venue though via the musictoday site? I dropped an email to the ticket provider to see if it is possible to do so. In the meantime I put in a postal address for a hotel in VC we will likely be staying at, and I plan on contacting the hotel in advance to hold onto the tickets until we arrive. Might be a bit of a gamble but was the only option I had at 4:30am - can always change the address later on I suppose.
  6. Awesome, will pick up the tickets at the venue then. Thanks for the replies fellas!
  7. Hi All, The girlfriend an I are planning to head to Canada next year for a 4 week holiday, and at the same time, incorportating a 2013 tour date, preferably either one of the Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto shows into the holiday. ...actually I lie, I'm planning on heading to a Rush gig and incorporating a 4 week holiday to Canada! Anyway, last year I headed to the London tour date and had the tickets posted home (Perth, Australia) and I was getting a little anxious close to my depature date when the tickets hadn't arrive. Fortunately they did, a week or so before I left. This time I don't want to rely on the tickets being sent, as we may leave home up to 4 weeks before the gig date. For the holiday, we're planning on getting a hire car and probably driving from Vancouver to Toronto. The idea is once the dates are announced, buy tickets and organise the holiday itinerary around that date. Now for my questions; 1. Out of the 3 cities I mentioned, which (in your opinion) is the best venue? 2. What do you suggest I should do regarding the postage/pickup of the tickets? Have them mailed to a hotel? A fellow TRF member? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. RangerJ
  8. QUOTE (garyg7133 @ Oct 3 2012, 01:38 AM) At the risk of being panned, get over yourselves. With 11k registered users, does anyone REALLY think that they represent the majority of fans? Seriously? There are thousands upon thousands of people going to these shows just about every other night. Do you speak for ALL of them? I'm going and I assure you, I don't even try to speak for anyone an nobody here speaks for me. I see people crying for this song and that and why don't they do this or that, the new album is great/sucks. This board is barely a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of Rush fans. Hell, I would never have found it if not for someone else telling me about it. Enjoy this music while you can because their touring days have far fewer tomorrows than yesterdays and what exactly will you be complaining about when Peart finally decides he's had enough? That he owes you one more tour opening ,closing and playing 22 renditions of Jacob's Ladder in between? If you don't like the set/album, don't go and don't listen. I hear air supply are touring, go see them. [end thread].
  9. I hope so. The girlfriend and I will be flying in from Australia also. Hoping to catch a gig in Toronto but if a venue like Red Rocks, Anaheim or Marcus comes up, we will certainly consider a US date instead!
  10. Why not Australia? 'cos we're a pack of assholes who live WAYYY over there in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere. Not gonna happen unless that do an Australasia-Pacific Tour. The girlfriend and I are gearing up to by some tickets to the 2nd North American leg, hoping to catch a Toronto or Vancouver gig - good excuse to go holidays and burn some annual leave, last year it was to London.
  11. Seeing as there is a thread on just about everything else CA - I thought the return of the pronounced use of the Taurus bass pedals deserved its own too! I don't know about everyone else, but one of the first things I noticed in the first couple of listens to this album (loud) is the bass. My hifi speakers haven't copped a <120Hz beating like that since 'The Analog Kid'. I like it. It's added that extra low-end body to the songs that has been missing for almost two decades of . What about you? Love it? Hate it? Couldn't care less? Discuss.
  12. QUOTE (aaronrusso @ Apr 25 2012, 12:39 PM) QUOTE (tas7 @ Apr 24 2012, 11:36 PM) Fortunately for me, here in Tasmania the giys in JB Hifi are avid Rush fans so they tend to get a few copies of things as they are released. a few of the people at the jb near me now know me by name and always expect me to be ordering something by rush or devin townsend, so ive already warned them ill be preordering soon I went down to my local JB's today - but CA isn't on their pre-order list yet!
  13. I don't know what its like on the east coast but there are a few Canadians here in WA with the mining boom. I reckon we could pull enough numbers for at least two shows in Oz and one in Auckland. I imagine there would be a few closet Rush fans and musicians in attendence.
  14. I like HF more than I did when I first heard it. I've got the chorus well stuck in my head. I do though wish that the song ended on Alex's solo, that would make it a 5/5. For me, after that point repetition sets in and I'm reaching for the 'next' button, which I rarely do.
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