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    Well, I don't think I am qualified yet to say anything on experience per say, since I've got into Rush about 8 months ago or so, but any great Rush experiences is always welcomed and enjoyed.
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  1. I'm going to see Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and Conspirators at the Pechanga Theater on August 9th. Going to see Alter Bridge with California Breed opening at the Wiltern Theater on October 26.
  2. I've heard of Lindsey Stirling from Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale as she sang a track from Stirling's new album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49tpIMDy9BE After hearing that, I took a listen of her catalog and enjoyed it. It's good listening music while playing online games.
  3. I somewhat liked Test for Echo. I love Half the World and that mandola section. That said, for me, I usually say five songs I like and it's a good album and it's the case here. Half the World, Driven, Resist, Virtuality, and, yes, even Dog Years are good enough for me.
  4. Another new song has been leaked. This one is called Bent to Fly. Some people thinks that it's better than World on Fire and it may be true. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxgkI-u-cMw
  5. I'm listening to it now. I don't listen to Judas Priest, other than the songs that comes up on radio, but I'm taking a listen to it now. The first few songs are good. I liked Halls of Valhalla so far.
  6. I like it a good amount. It's probably my 4th favorite song of S&A (behind The Main Monkey Business, Working Them Angels, The Way the Wind Blows). I think it's a good tempo song to dance with someone (if choreographed properly), despite them stating that they are not a band to dance off to (which is true, but I think this song may be an exception).
  7. Let's see. My current fave five of 2014. 1. Sevendust's Time Travelers & Bonfires. An acoustic album that was successfully crowd-funded by their fans where the band made six new songs and redid six well known songs, amongst their fanbase, acoustically. It has a great melodic sound with all the magic touches and stuff. 2. California Breed's self-titled album. Well, I heard of Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham, orginally, due to their various connections with Alter Bridge/Slash vocalist Myles Kennedy. Obviously, as I dig deeper into the history, I knew who they are and are capable of making good stuff and they work well with their young guitarist, Andrew Watt, based on their single, Sweet Tea. So when I dig into their self-titled album, it was filled with very enjoyable rocking tunes. 3. Black Stone Cherry - Magic Mountain. I digged Black Stone Cherry since I heard the news that they were supporting Atler Bridge in Europe in 2011. I wasn't expecting much after their 3rd album, but I think they delivered well on that southern/hard stoney/modern post-grunge rock sound, though their lyrics involved too many innuendos on getting high kinda detracted it a little. 4. Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo. I enjoyed the occasional male/female vocal dynamics, but Cristina Scabbia shined well in Hostage to the Light. 5. Michael Sweet - I'm Not Your Sucide. Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet did a solo album and I think it did what it did which was to distinguish itself from the Christian hard rock/somewhat-metal sound of Stryper. That said, the album did have some of those elements, but it had country elements and Journey-like elements, and it worked well which was hard not to accomplish since Sweet has an awesome voice. Albums to look forward to. Hmmmm, obviously, the new Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirator's World on Fire. Foo Fighters got a new album at late fall as well and, maybe, a Sixx: A.M. album if the schedule is right.
  8. Great speech. I do like it better than Geddy's, which is good as well. Alex made good inspirational points with the right timing in the humor end that makes us want to go out into the world and do our best and so forth.
  9. Anguyen92

    Dr. Geddy Lee

    It's so weird to see Geddy in a suit. Good speech though.
  10. The new single is out on iTunes right now. It's pretty good as the 1st single. Better than You're A Lie, imo. Everything sounds point on. Slash's guitar playing. Myles' voice. Todd Damnit Kerns' backup vocals. It's all good. This is actually got me pumped right now. They got a headlining show coming up on August 9th in Temecula, CA at a theater in a casino. It's only a little over an hour from here. I may consider going although ticket prices are a bit steep. It ranges from $69-99. It's so close and I really want to see my favorite vocalist of all time for the 1st time, ever.
  11. So I heard news that California Breed is going to open for Slash/Myles/Conspirators in the UK shows. That's cool. Glenn Hughes had played with Slash and Myles during the Kings of Chaos shows and he appreciates a lot of what they do, especially Myles, so this should be a good line-up for the UK.
  12. All right, I found some official news on this one. Title: World On Fire Release: Sept 15th First single "World On Fire" to be released on June 16th 1. World on Fire 2. Shadow Life 3. Automatic Overdrive 4. Wicked Stone 5. 30 Years to Life 6. Bent to Fly 7. Stone Blind 8. Too Far Gone 9. Beneath the Savage Sun 10. Withered Delilah 11. Battleground 12. Dirty Girl 13. Iris of the Storm 14. Avalon 15. The Dissident 16. Safari Inn 17. The Unholy WORLD ON FIRE is available four weeks in advance of the UK general release as a Classic Rock Fanpack, which consists of • The Full Album • 116 page magazine featuring exclusive interviews with Slash, the band, producer Michael Baskette and cover artist Ron English. A Slash and Myles track-by-track breakdown. Exclusive pictures from the recording sessions as well as a brand new shoot, competition and much more. • Giant double sided A1 poster • Metal Pin Badge Source They got a Europe tour to kick it off. Mon 10th Nov Dublin, O2 Arena - IRELAND Wed 12th Nov Paris, Le Zenith - FRANCE Sat 15th Nov Basel, St. Jakobshalle - SWITZERLAND Sun 16th Nov Turin, Palaolimpico ' ITALY Mon 17th Nov Florence, Mandela Forum ' ITALY Wed 19th Nov Vienna, Stadthalle ' AUSTRIA Thu 20th Nov Krakow, Krakow Arena ' POLAND Sat 22nd Nov Munich, Zenith ' GERMANY Sun 23rd Nov Cologne, Palladium ' GERMANY Mon 24th Nov Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall ' THE NETHERLANDS Wed 26th Nov Brussels, Forest Club ' BELGIUM Fri 28th Nov Manchester, Phones 4U Arena ' UK Sat 29th Nov Leeds, Leeds Arena ' UK Mon 1st Dec Birmingham, LG Arena ' UK Tue 2nd Dec London, Wembley Arena ' UK Thu 4th Dec Glasgow, Hydro Arena - UK ALl right, November 10th is the 1st date. Hopefully, AB has got some US shows in late September/October arranaged beforehand so I can go to one.
  13. I say they should start off with The Spirit of Radio. Judging from all five DVDs, the one in Cleveland had the biggest crowd ovation after the "concert hall" part and I think a decent reason for that is due to it being the opening song.
  14. Well, after listening to it, it's a pretty solid album. The craft is pretty good from these guys as it is expected. Nothing too groundbreaking, but just really solid stuff. Might need to listen to this album in a few more weeks to really define my favorites of it.
  15. I still love it. The Garden, Wish Them Well, Headlong Flight, Carnies, and Halo Effect are magnificent songs. I just love the fact that we got those songs and five others in the DVD.
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