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    Melbourne, Australia

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    a farewell to kings
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    first finding 2112 at a record shop here in melbourne australia, being intrigued by the cover, buying it then playing the title track on my stereo system at night with no distractions, listened to the song 8 times that night, was hooked on rush ever since
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    devin townsend, dream theater,the beatles rhcp, foo fighters,
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  1. has anyone recorded the stream? sucks being outside the us
  2. can someone record the stream? :D dumb pandora
  3. just in case you guys are interested haha
  4. the big money -> chemistry territories -> limelight where's my thing? -> afterimage red sector a -> the trees
  5. ive just been looking up a few songs from each of the shows on youtube and was just wondering about how the dvd would work, a mix of songs from each night? from what ive seen geddy seems to have sang a little better in phoenix how do you guys reckon it will be split? cheers :)
  6. I believe they will do what geddy said they'd do in that planet rock interview, finish the clockwork angels tour, take a break for most of 2014 and write some new music from there I think they like what they do too much to stop, unless they physically are unable, I think they'll keep pressing on
  7. aaronrusso

    Rush and 1D

    since they are recieving a new wave of popularity in the mainstream, it could just be a fashion thing, its like when you see teenage girls wearing nirvana, beatles and ramones shirts when they obviously dont listen to them or he could just be a presto fan :P
  8. from what ive seen on youtube, geddy didnt seem to be having a good night vocally, reminded me a fair bit of the time machine dvd (which i dont think is that bad vocally), but despite this, looks like it would have been a great show :)
  9. QUOTE (BloodofTheZodiac @ Oct 22 2012, 04:12 PM) If they were gonna do an outdoor show DVD, I would choose Red Rocks, although it seems like there have been a few bands who have done DVD's there already, so it might seem cliche!! Mexico city would be cool, or even a different south American country than Brazil, like Venezuela, Argentina or Chile!! Damn, why not finally go to Australia and shoot a DVD at the Acer Arena in Sydney?? I'm not sure what crowds there are like, but I would assume they would go rabid to FINALLY see Rush in their own country!! jeez if only they would come, but yeh, im not sure if they could fill acer arena, at most i think something like sidney myer music bowl, but yeah, i think sweden rock will be the choice
  10. why does everyone say there will be a r40 tour? there could be but they really have never been a band to repeat themselves
  11. i think it will be their last full length album, but i reckon they'll do some more caravan/bu2b style single things, maybe touring will be cut down, but they seem to enjoy writing together
  12. the setlist is pretty sweet, although, this is how i would change it note Set 1 is shortened by one song to allow 3 song encore Set 1 (shortened by one song to allow 3 song encore): Subdivisions The Big Money Force 10 Grand Designs YYZ (instead of the body electric) The Analog Kid (instead of Territories) Bravado Where's My Thing Far Cry Set 2: Caravan Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies The Wreckers Headlong Flight Halo Effect Seven Cities of Gold The Garden Manhattan Project Dreamline Red Sector A Xanadu Encore: Tom Sawyer The Spirit of Radio 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale that would be perfect in my opinion, but the original is still a quality set
  13. QUOTE (Tommy Sawyer @ Sep 28 2012, 11:22 PM) What are you guys talking about... Camera Eye kicked major butt live Don't know what show(s) you were at... i agree, also i think the version on the time machine dvd is just awesome, although geddy does sound a bit fatigued at some parts, but he wasnt 100% that night so its totally understandable
  14. QUOTE (dayglow76 @ Sep 28 2012, 12:55 AM) What interview is this from? http://cygnus-x1.net/links/rush/guitar-player-11.2012.php
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