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What game(s) are you playing through right now?


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37 minutes ago, NoahLutz said:

Of course I bought it on the Series X despite owning it on the Wii (and still having by backwards compatable Wii-U set up.  I’m a sucker, but I’m a consistent one.

I have it on the Wii. I still use my backwards-compatible Wii for GameCube games. I also have a GameCube and a Wii U. My brother has it on the Switch.

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Halo 2. Last summer I played Reach, immediately followed by CE, immediately followed by 2 - all for the first time. It was way too much at one time. Replaying 2 a year later is much better, and it also seems a lot easier. Maybe its because I'm now familiar with the levels, or it could be because I was not in it fully mentally last time. 

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