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4:20 Thread


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QUOTE (TullSkull @ Apr 12 2011, 06:41 AM)
My stage 4 cancer is gone.

cool10.gif 1022.gif cool10.gif

Heaven forbid you find a resource to cure a potentially terminal illness. You should be locked up and put in jail. Taxpayers should have to spend their hard earned money to incarcerate you. The government needs to spend more money fighting this evil weed as opposed to spending it on reducing the deficit, improving our crumbling infrastructure, or helping out those in TRUE need.

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No time like the present


420 or not.....




After working 6 days on job #1 ( 40hrs )

And working 5 nights on job #2 ( 31hrs )


I have this one day OFF common001.gif





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Happy 4/20 everyone!!!!


<EDIT> Post shows as 4/19 at 11, but it's 4/20.

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Happy 4:20!!! cool10.gif


I want to find a new Dr who will write me a script for MMJ after my Temporal Lobe surgery for my Epilepsy if my current one won't. He's already said no once when I asked him about it. MMJ is legal here in NV. I can grow it if I want to, with a script from a Dr, I don't have to hide it and can grow more of it out in the open and higher quality plants.

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saw a doctor today who told me no marijuana at all or no pain meds at all. I have been living with a serious nerve disease that produces chronic pain in my feet legs back and arms. He even wanted me to sign a legally binding contract stating if he finds any substances in my blood other than what he has prescribed,....he will shut me down, force me into counselling, or drug rehab////(for weed)


from the shock of all this, I am trying to figure out if the year I am in is circa 1940, I am jewish and Hitler has made his demands.


Martyrdom and exposure of this discrimination comes to mind


If a patient dies because of lack of empathy or compassion from a doctor, that said doctor should be made responsible and have his physicians licence revoked.

or made to endure severe chronic pain for months so he will understand what it is like to live in another mans shoes fing.gif fing.gif fing.gif

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I am on my 11th joint at this stage, and feeling fine. no doc tells me what to do....Never!


free will forever even if we burn our wings flying too close to the sun cool.gif yes.gif cool10.gif cool10.gif

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