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  1. I was listening to a Denver radio station last week and was surprised to hear the DJ say rumors are the tour may not continue due to Al's arthiritis and Neil's tendinitis. This was news to me, because the shows I've seen so far they've both looked like they were having a pretty decent time, they were definitely hiding the pain well. Maybe this break they having coming up will give them a chance to rehabilitate a little. Geddy's voice is the best I've heard in a long time especially on the songs in the 2nd set.
  2. Shit Earl, I'd go with you if I was there. I'm hoping they do a show in Denver in 2014 so I can see them. No big deal going to a concert alone, and WTF is Wendy thinking???
  3. Didn't the genius who picked Affleck see Daredevil????
  4. You have to try front row at least once! The seats you are looking at are REALLY expensive for one seat, though. The experience up front and the interaction with the band is SOOOO much different/better than just being in the audience.
  5. I knew someone who lived with lymphoma for over 20 years before she passed and even then it was a complication from it that did her in. Hopefully he will continue to get the treatments and that will be all he needs to carry on. I'm hoping for a 2014 Colorado tour date!
  6. I don't trust what Alex says, lol he may mean it but he definitely doesn't speak for Ged & Neil
  7. Front row Red Rocks every show... because I'm handicapped most seats at any venue are in the first few rows.
  8. Las Vegas in November 2012 was #60. I've only got 4 scheduled this summer so KC will have me top out at 64 shows. I was 12 in 1976 (and a female to boot) when I saw my first show!
  9. The fashion industry can go f*ck itself, the harder the better. I wear a size 2 in jeans. That has some of my coworkers expressing open envy (and I don't tell unless asked in the general course of a conversation), until I remind them that 10-12 years ago the tag on the exact same pair of jeans probably would've been a 6 or an 8. They fudge numbers and adjust sizing so they can come up with ridiculous shit like size zero, all to feed the egos of the starving body dysmorphics. The only time I ever get on a scale is at the doctor's office. There is a store here in Colorado that takes their size 14's and they make them a 1 or 2 so the women shopping there feel good about themselves. So wrong on so many levels!
  10. Randy pulled Ozzie back from oblivion IMHO
  11. I bought these from Backstage a few days ago. Nice addition to the merchandise
  12. I recently read a book on him but I don't remember who the author was
  13. Mine too Earl, but you're seeing it live you dog! There are a LOT of empty seats in the theater!! WTF???
  14. That standing O was awesome, didn't even have to say the name of the band. Have a friend who posted a video of it. Earl you're gonna dig the setlist!
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIN!!! :martini: :yay: :banana: :cheerleader: HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!
  16. Really??? Is the FBI that inept that almost every week they have this guy or a cult member in their sights and they still can't catch any of them??? Their bumbling ways is making me losing interest in the show.
  17. I know several dozen folks going, gangsterfurious included :) and everyone is dressing nicely! Hope ya have a great time!
  18. Rush is Geddy, Alex and Neil. Rutsey tore up the lyrics he wrote for the first album, and never even toured to promote the album. He may have been part of the band in the late 60's, but the band as we know it has always been the same 3 guys. The casual fan does not know the history with Rutsey, the controversy over him leaving the band, etc. The same threesome has been together for almost 40 years, that is the Rush I know. I don't understand why there is any controversy over the RRHoF's decision.
  19. Thank you sweetie! Hope to see you when I'm in town between 6/25 and 7/3!
  20. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I was not sure I would live to see this one due to a critical error in my medical care. I'm still in a "danger zone" but better off than I was a few days ago. It makes your kind thoughts extra special to see!
  21. Last night's creeper was gross especially the eye ball part of it! This show gets better and better!
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