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  1. The audiobook plays out like you are sitting at a campfire with your grandad as he reminices in his adventures. Honestly, it is very similar to listening to a childrens book, in fact, thats what I think it is,... a childrens book with a few darker themes splashed over the innocence and ignorance to the real world. I am only half way through so I will comment after I finish. That is how I have interpeted it thus far
  2. I just picked it up on audible.com for 14 bones....can't wait for the tour!
  3. Just got my copy today, and no issues with Blu Ray on PS3 Very very happy with the entire show, such fond memories!!
  4. QUOTE (RUSHHEAD666 @ Oct 13 2011, 12:36 AM) Just ran a search on the Forum for "Grand Designs" and I didn't find anything. I had to put in my Japan SHM "Power Windows" cd tonight for the first time. So we typed a bit about "The Big Money" but what do you guys and gals think of "Grand Designs?" I think that opening synth part is too much to handle yet through all of the keyboard layers Alex and Neil save the day on that tune. I love Lifeson's guitar parts throughout the entire song. The solo is fantastic but I love the guitar riff even more. I can't explain it on a Forum in type, but it's that killer Alex groove underneath all of that synthesizer stuff. If you listen to the song, Alex's guitar part that I am talking about is at 1:38. The guitar part goes "duh duh duh.......... duhnanananna." Underrated tune. If Rush were to play this song on their next tour I would be one happy camper. It's yet another polished diamond in the rough of a "mass production scheme." Pun intended. What Alex is doing at the 1 38 mark of the song are Harmonics. To do this the finger is placed on the string but not pushed down onto the fretboard. He uses harmonics at the begining of Red Barch and also the breakdown during Hemispheres,....Red Sector A is possibly his best work utilizing harmonics. Brilliant song all round imho, one of the strongest on the album I think as well....the Duel between Geedy and Alex during the solo is in fact 2 solos all at once.....BrillianT!
  5. Thanks for posting these so quickly!!! Fantastic!!! You definately made my day!! Ironically I got 'Far and Away' from my brother so having a great Rush day!
  6. Any Links to Online Vids would be greatly appreciated!!!
  7. QUOTE (micgtr71 @ Jun 27 2011, 05:53 AM) My wife and I couldn't get enough of this. We bought HBO to watch it and cancelled it shortly thereafter. There are going to be 6 seasons, one for each book!! Hang in there!
  8. QUOTE (HowItIs @ Jul 3 2011, 09:30 PM) So, thanks to a couple of lovely Rush Rat pals, I ended up in the 4th row, center. My Hubby and daughter were very understanding and indulged me. I couldn't believe how close I was - I was on Cloud 9 for the whole show. I didn't really notice much in the way of mistakes but I don't really listen for that sort of thing. Really, I mostly had eyes for Alex - both because I have had a crush on him since 1981 and I wanted to watch him playing. I'm trying to learn several of the songs and seeing him play them so close up (and without cut-aways) was both helpful and awe-inspiring. I did manage to notice that there were 2 other guys up there with him and really loved watching them as masters of their respective instruments. It's such a wonderful thing to see. This was my daughter's first Rush show and she came away a real fan. She was duly impressed by the set, the lights and, especially the band. She dressed up in a steampunk outfit which drew many admiring comments. She can't wait for the new album and already has both Caravan and BU2B committed to memory. Yay for another Geddycorn! That is so awesome!! I am so glad you were up close to see Alex!! And how great is it that so many different generations can enjoy the music!!! did you daughter jump during the big explosions during Marathon and Farcry? I sure did....lol, they always get me....the worst was Red Rocks 2008 during 2112, the explosive went off right above our heads, and all I heard,...amd several others, was a ringing in my ears!! ouch!! awesome you both had a great time!
  9. http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/C...ishColumbiaHome another fantastic review!!
  10. QUOTE (sanzo @ Jul 2 2011, 02:12 PM) Maybe they had quite some alcohol, which of course makes going to a Rush gig twice as good as having no alcohol but the drawback is, yes having to go to the toilet I used some binoculars and I did see them on the floor, however I didnt notice their bladder habits!! LOL I had quite a few beers with my nephew,....we were only steps away from the Canadian beer stand Everyone that sat around us were fantastic RUSH fans too!! We all sang every song, air drummed and played our respective invisible instruments....too muxh fun..... I wonder how long it will be before they tour again, if ever. That may possibly be the last Canadian show ever...think about that......no don't!! We love them so much we will will them to play again! Thx You are the BEST!!
  11. Great Review of Rush's concert in Van http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Review+...3998/story.html wow, it was a stellar fun show for me and my nephew, however the crazy lack of time was really stressful especially nervous for meet and greet. Alex was absolutely the most loving generous happy face......he saw the tears in my eyes and grabbed me like a polar bear and hugged me while I thanked him over and over and over how much I wanted to thank him for the music....I am blurry on this somewhat, thank you so much for the music was really all I could stammer out of my elated central nervous system. And Geddy,, whoa. I almost walked right past him until he dropped his face then glasses like he was trying to figure out this long red haired hippie wearing glasses and carrying a cane for the blind. I can hear his voice.......'hey, I remember that guy' The best part is that I could tell they are really tired, but onstage they made every moment a great one!
  12. QUOTE (Kelly D @ Jun 27 2011, 11:09 AM) QUOTE (Code Red @ Jun 27 2011, 10:28 AM) QUOTE (Kelly D @ Jun 27 2011, 09:25 AM) QUOTE (Code Red @ Jun 22 2011, 08:17 PM) anyone on this board going to the show in Van June 30th? I'm going with a solid crew of people W O W W OW W O W I just won a meet n greet! NICE! Just be aware it lasts about 45 seconds- plan accordingly! advice is welcome!!!!
  13. QUOTE (Kelly D @ Jun 27 2011, 09:25 AM) QUOTE (Code Red @ Jun 22 2011, 08:17 PM) anyone on this board going to the show in Van June 30th? I'm going with a solid crew of people W O W W OW W O W I just won a meet n greet!
  14. 3 more sleeps till we see the best 3 performers EVER!!!
  15. The Shark Club it is.....what time 5-6pm? earlier? I have seats in Sec 104 row 15 seats 3 and 4. Damn near perfect for view of Geddy's side of stage i think, this is going to rock!!! I will be sure to bring my Canadian Flag too!! It would be great to see you again Steve!!
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