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  1. 1. When did TRF chatroom get taken down?

    • May 1st
    • "This year"

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2 minutes ago, HomesickAlien said:


That would be about as popular as a Pineapple Thief thread. 


Okay, I'm not good at multi-tasking -back to studying. 

pineapple thief are an active band and have gavin harrison, they'd do better here


but i'm surprised at just how non-prog MOTS. either it's always been this way or i've just noticed recently as i've doubled down on being a prog head

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it feels good to live in a clean, functional house again. the moved kicked my ass but my boyfriend was very generous and helped us out, he also helped me set up my new room. when i tell you i havent been this happy in years, i mean it.

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