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TOP TENS: Emerson, Lake & Palmer


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I've been playing nothing but ELP and early King Crimson since I learned of Greg Lake's passing a couple of days ago.


My top ten, in approximate order:


1. Take a Pebble

2. Jerusalem

3. Karn Evil 9

4. Tarkus

5. The Barbarian

6. Still...You Turn Me On

7. Toccata

8. The Sage

9. From the Beginning

10. Knife-Edge

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  1. Living Sin
  2. From the Beginning
  3. Just Take A Pebble
  4. Lucky Man
  5. Tarkus
  6. Trilogy
  7. The Sage
  8. Infinite Space
  9. The Barbarian
  10. The Three Fates

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This is tough because I would probably put all of their albums before Love Beach at a fairly equal level. Maybe BSS slightly above the others. Though I will make a stab at making a list.


1. From The Beginning

2. Karn Evil 9 both impressions

3. Tarkus

4. Hoedown

5. Still...You Turn me On

6. Toccata

7. The Great Gates of Kiev

8. Knife Edge

9. Lucky Man

10. C'est La Vie

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If it was only sheer musicianship you were after: at their peak Keith, Carl and Greg were untouchable.


I guess when Keith lost the huge orchestral sound, he kinda lost interest after that. Shame.




in no particular order:


Karn Evil 9

Take A Pebble


From The Beginning



The Endless Enigma

Fanfare For the Common Man


Knife Edge

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Listen to this stuff all the time (but I've been much stopped this week for obvious reasons) and but I guess I really forget this particular band only had 9 studio albums.


Between the live albums, live compilations, compilations, official bootlegs it always seems like more.


I suppose I also count Emerson Lake and Powell (sadly all gone now) and 3, but I guess many people wouldn't.


Include the solo albums (I'll admit I've got the other projects that Emerson and Palmer were involved with, but not a single one with Lake (unless you count King Crimson (which I consider to be a Fripp enterprise since that's the way it seems to have evolved.) I suppose that's not likely to change.


Wait...I also have Lake's performance with Asia in 1983. That might be my favorite performance of his outside of Emerson Lake and Palmer/Powell.


In The Hot Seat is probably the only one I don't listen to as much as the others. Emerson's hands were giving him quite a bit of trouble at that time and I don't have fond memories of the band from that period.

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