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  1. Pulp Fiction was the first R rated movie I saw in the theater. My friend and I weren't old enough yet but my brother was so he took us.
  2. The two albums they've done with Joey since he came back are great. Worship Music was actually written with the idea that Bush was going to continue with the band. So you can hear that style in the songs. For All Kings is fantastic. One of their best start to finish.
  3. I'm interested in what you will think of the three other albums they did with John Bush. They get heavier and more aggressive but also a bit more experimental too.
  4. Black Lodge got some decent radio and MTV rotation as well. Those are the only two songs from them that I remember hearing regularly on the radio. The Belladonna stuff would get played on MTV but it was mainly on Headbanger's Ball. Only and Black Lodge actually got played during normal hours on MTV. I don't remember that with the older Belladonna stuff. James Hetfield once said that Only is a perfectly written song.
  5. They do have some backing tracks. Like the synth part in Queen Of The Murder Scene and the intro to Kool Aid Kids. But if those failed they can still play the song with no problems.
  6. I think the excitement of the big show made her more Pau-ouncey than normal. She does do it but it definitely seemed like she was doing it a lot more often. Perhaps it was the great camera work that allowed us to see how much she really does that. You're far from the only one to feel that way about the Sandman cover. A lot of fans would prefer that they did one of their own songs instead. Especially when they have a shorter set. They get a half hour on festivals and opening shows but they still do it. That doesn't make sense to me when you're time is limited on stage. I understand people know the song and that's why they do it but their songs always get a great response. Imagine the great response the jams at the end of Survive or Dull Knives would get from the a crowd who doesn't know them? Everyone would be on their feet cheering. Or the easy to bop/sing along to "hey, hey, hey, hey yeah" part of XXI Century Blood. They're still very young and I think they often underestimate the effect their songs can have on people who don't know them yet.
  7. If Persistence Of Time is the last album you heard then you've missed nothing in between except a B sides album called Attack Of The Killer Bs. I have always thought Sound Of White Noise was great. I think over time the Bush era has become more appreciated but as with any time a band changes singers there's a bit of a divide in the fan base. That didn't stop Only from being the bands highest charting single. It's not their most popular song among fans but it is in terms of chart success and radio rotation. Grunge taking over after this album and metal dying out in popularity dealt a big blow to the Bush era. But I think more fans have come around to the Bush era in the years since. In some ways John is a better vocalist than Joey. He has more raw emotion and aggression in his voice and is very expressive with it. Joey as far as technical singing ability goes is better but he lacked that emotion and aggressiveness up until the last two Anthrax albums. Sound Of White Noise is a great album. They followed the same format Metallica did with the Black Album by making the songs simpler but still not sacrificing song quality and still making it sound like them despite the changes musically. The three albums that follow with Bush, Stomp 442, Vol 8 and We've Come For You All they take a heavier and more aggressive Pantera inspired kind of sound. It fits John's voice perfectly.
  8. You never noticed the Pau-ounce before? She usually stands up during the solo vocals on the bridges of Dust To Dust and Disciple. She also does it for the intro to Survive. She is very short so it's easy to not notice when she does do that when she is behind the drums. Perhaps being up on that big drum riser made her more hyped. She could see over everything like a quarterback lining up behind the center. It may have allowed her to have more command over everything during the show. I agree about the Sandman cover. I've never cared for it. Every song on all three albums, Narcisista and More all make me feel something. I feel nothing with their version of the song. The only thing they've recorded so far that I consider a boring, nothing happening in it song. Pau likes playing it though but yeah, they're way beyond having to do that. Unless a band is responsible for making the cover a well known song then I see no reason for any cover to still be regularly in the set once a band has enough original material. Especially when all your original songs are better than your cover. They have two more songs recorded waiting to be released. Anton DeLost, who co-wrote and produced More is in Monterrey right now so they might be working on a few more songs for a possible EP release around the time they do their Latin American tour in October/November. Hopefully with new songs on the way it will finally bump Sandman from the set.
  9. They just did a US tour in May then one again earlier this month. They start their Latin American tour in October and they are playing Wacken next year so they will tour Europe again. I've heard they will have two European tours next year.
  10. The full show from Mexico City is now up on their YouTube channel. Go watch it! Why are you still reading this? Why haven't you gone to watch it yet? Do you hate the immense joy that watching a show like this will give you? Seriously, why are you not watching it yet?
  11. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight and Domino are better epics than any of the fake ass artsy, fartsy, let's be weird for the sake of being weird stuff they did with Gabriel. Phil has a lot of passion and emotion in his voice too. So, what Genesis did with him as the front man comes off a lot more genuine.
  12. The full show from Mexico City last year will be available for mass consumption on the band's YouTube channel tomorrow.
  13. All of you normal fans might be able to see the full video of the show in Mexico City on Tuesday. The band has been releasing the individual songs on YouTube and there's only a couple left to release. Tuesday also marks the year anniversary of the show. So everyone figures the whole thing will be released then. Don't hold me to that though. It just looks like that's what will happen. It's a fantastic concert video as a whole. Since I'm on their Patreon I already saw the whole thing a few months ago. It's one of the best live concert videos I've seen. Their Patreon reached 3,000 members today. It was around 1,800 when I joined in May of last year.
  14. I don't think Ale has a particularly strong, projecting voice either. She has a good voice but her tone overall is better suited in a backup vocal role or something where she sings briefly like on the bridges of Choke and More. Her voice is interesting because when she does do lead for a song I can hear that she has some similarities to both Dany and Pau. There's certain inflections she does that remind me of both at times.
  15. Honestly, I thought he was already dead. I thought he passed a few years after he retired from The Price Is Right.
  16. The best version of Ugh? Well, that's what Dany and a lot of fans think. Plus, seriously, why would you want to argue with such a sweetheart like Dany? What are you? Some kind of vile, miserable monster? 😄
  17. Until I Wake was the the opener. Kind of an interesting sound as they were metal but the singer sounded more like a pop punk kind of singer. Jinjer was great. The band sounded fantastic and Tatiana's vocals were amazing. She sounded just like she does on the studio recordings. Flawless show.
  18. Who calls that album Sacred Fart? It's as close as Dio ever got to having a accessable, mainstream sounding album but it's still Dio.
  19. New album out October 20th. I'm happy about that since I wasn't really liking them releasing random singles over the last couple of years because I've always been a full album kind of listener. All those singles are together on Spotify and I must admit I do like the songs a lot better hearing them together than as stand alone songs. This new song is pretty good. It's about the struggles the women of Iraq have to fight against.
  20. How was Jinjer? I'm seeing them on Friday.
  21. I didn't see The Godfather until I was in my 30s. I don't think I have ever seen Good Will Hunting. Although I know a lot of the more well known dialogue from it since people have quoted it through the years. I have never seen any of the Harry Potter films.
  22. Did you know that My Chemical Romance was the main inspiration for The Warning to write Queen Of The Murder Scene?
  23. This is when they opened for Foo Fighters in Mexico City last year. Just a few weeks before Taylor Hawkins died. The Foos like them though. High fived them after they got off stage and told them they thought they did a great job.
  24. It's so weird that there isn't a drum kit for Bill. Yet everyone else has their stuff 😄
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