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  1. Entre, the best Moderators are unseen and rarely heard from. I know you better than you know me. My name is Mike, I'm a Cancer, and I'm a porn star at my other job. Nice to meet you! Member #200 in 2004.
  2. Thanks man, and I completely agree with this as well.
  3. As the moderator of this forum I find the number of polls to be a bit excessive. But I also realize that activity and engagement within MoTS is very important and much needed on TRF. The only benefit I can see for creating a new sub forum is it would dramatically clean up the look of every other thread being a poll. If the majority of new threads in MoTS are polls, moving them doesn't make much sense, because we absolutely want activity and engagement in the main forum. Are there too many polls? Yes. Should we do something about it? Probably not. Do we need a poll to decide this? Are you f**king kidding me?!
  4. EJ is one of my top 3 favorite guitarists. I've seen him 8 times, met him a few, and absolutely cherish every song he has ever released. I will admit that I had not heard him until Ah Via Musicom was released, but instantly purchased Tones, and the rest is history. Very excited for the 2 album release this summer. I'm currently sitting on front row tickets for his new tour that's been postponed twice.
  5. They're just alright, IMO. Talented, decent composition, but still just alright. Modern songs without vocals, regardless of genre, bother the hell out of me. I'm sure they have songs with vocals but I won't go searching for them. Baby Metal is a better band.
  6. Thanks everyone! Shooting a show on the 4th, so all is good.
  7. 1) Van Halen II 2) 1984 3) 5150 4) Van Halen 5) Women and Children First 6) OU812 7) Fair Warning 8) Diver Down the rest...
  8. Great band!! Has nothing to do with them having a "Rush vibe". They are simply a great band that writes great songs. Hard to believe anyone on this forum doesn't like them.
  9. Same. I have a multi-tiered backup system in place too. Hand written myself, using external drives. If one doesn't have 3 copies of their data, then it doesn't really exist. Haven't done offline yet.... don't want to pay Amazon for it just yet. I am the same, although not as backed up as you are. One of these days . . .maybe this will encourage me to start sooner rather than later. It's pretty simple. Copy 1 is the live data. Files, photos, music. Adding as time goes on. Copy 2 - weekly rsync backup to an external drive. Mirror copy. Copy 3 - monthly compressed copy of -2- to another external drive. Takes a while. Result is archives by date. so: photos.2019.12.31.tar.gz photos.2020.01.30.tar.gz photos.2020.02.29.tar.gz photos.2020.03.30.tar.gz photos.2020.04.30.tar.gz mydocs.2019.12.31.tar.gz .... The script for Copy 3 also has a housekeeping function. It will delete any archives, on that drive, older than 6 months old. So I'm effectively running a set of 6 month rolling copies to fall back to -3-. A weekly snapshot to recover to quickly -2-, and my live -1-. Also, between 1 and 2, a daily snapshot of my most critical stuff that can't wait for the weekly backup, to a second /internal/ drive. Photos and key documents. Idea being that if something goes wrong, I can fall back to yesterday instead of last week. In my case, my main machine is running Fedora LINUX. So these are all ksh shell scripts. I'm pretty sure something similar can be done on Windows with .bat files. Hope that helps! Backups are absolutely essential. But you're not truly backed up until you're offsite. Having all your backups in 1 physical location is a recipe for disaster. Cloud storage is cheap, and so are dedicated servers. Both of those will accomplish a true offsite backup solution. You seem knowledgeable enough. Build a Linux server on an old tower box, put it in a family member or friends house, get them a dedicated IP, and boom...offsite backup!
  10. Since his death on April 1, there hasn't been 1 post on this forum. Maybe this isn't surprising as he wasn't really a "spotlight" kinda guy. But his contributions to music, film and television are on a level few have ever reached. The guy was a musical genius, a songwriting master, and a top-tier producer. It goes way deeper than just his band, Fountains of Wayne. I am such a huge fan, and his death hit me as hard (maybe harder) than Neil's. Look at all he's done: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Schlesinger Listen to this Album: "Traffic and Weather" by Fountains of Wayne. Then listen to it again. It's a masterpiece, and easily in my top 10 albums of all time. Any other fans out there?
  11. I'm a giant fan so this is nearly impossible. Here are a few of my favs. In a Simple Rhyme Women In Love Dreams
  12. One of the best drummers on the planet. Highly respected, super musical, chops for days, extremely creative, and a hell of a nice guy. My band opened for STYX a few years back and Todd and I hung out for a while. We've stayed in contact ever since.
  13. One of my favorite songs, ever. Hard to believe this was only a single, and never on a studio album. It's Not Disco.
  14. launchpad67a

    Compressed Rush

    Very cool. Well done!
  15. I did wonder what the difference between the two was, and I thank you very much for telling me. I did notice that often an album will have more than one sound engineer. The entire process sounds to me like this is a field that you can't go into without the talent for it. It's a gift the same as all other talents. It must be very hard for all of those egos to work together, especially when the producer tells the band that's not what he wants. But apparently it can be done. There are so many masterpiece albums out there! :) You're welcome. Just thought you might like to know the differences and how Each contribute to the final product. Not sure of the exact stats but, most popular and successful producers and engineers started as musicians, and became interested in the recording process at some point. Playing shows, recording demos, learning what sounds good, all the while gaining the knowledge and experience of making records. It's not uncommon to even see them playing various parts on their clients recordings. Yes, egos can get in the way and certainly create problems. This is why absolute confidence in your producer and engineer is essential. It can be tricky to say the least. It doesn't always please everyone involved.
  16. Good thread! Excellent replies. Something that should also be noted and understood is the role of an engineer and a producer. How those roles work together to create the finished product is important to understand. While many producers are engineers, and many engineers are producers, their roles are different in the recording process. In short, a Producer creates a vision for the product, whether their own vision or that of the band, and oversees the process to make that vision happen. This includes everything from sounds, tones, and instruments, to song arrangements, lyrics, composition, and mixing. When you listen to a finished song, you're hearing the producers vision (version) of that song. The Engineers job is to capture the producers vision. This includes everything from operating the recording console, external processors, tape machines and digital mediums, to microphone selection/setup/placement, signal routing, and room acoustics. When you listen to a finished song, you're hearing the sounds captured by the engineer. As you can see, they are different roles, and the differences are worth understanding.
  17. I find it fascinating that all those celebs took time away from their rape culture to actually hold an awards show.
  18. Has his voice really gone downhill though? For someone who's had throat surgery, he still sounds up to par for other entertainers his age. No, I don't believe it has. But I know that back-to-back nights on tour are tough. So anytime you can see a band after a night or two off is good thing.
  19. Yes, I'll see him in Phoenix next January. He has 3 days off before this show, so his voice should be in good shape.
  20. Certified Pre-Owned Honda Accord v6. 2013 and newer Coupe 2dr. Full dealer warranty, all maintenance covered. Best bang for the buck. Arguably the best car in it's class. Just go drive one, you'll see.
  21. I love the record. It's a true, "Styx Album", and it sounds like a Styx album. Glad they recorded it all to 2" tape, because it has "that" sound. Solid songs, great vocals, great playing, tells a story, and it sounds good. If you're a Styx fan, you'll like it. One interesting note: Since the album was recorded all analog, it smooths everything out a little too evenly (this is normal). And like most recent recordings, whether analog or digital, it was mastered to sound better on radio, Mp3 or headphones, because of the increased compression that those mediums offer. SO, my point is, if you want the album to really Pop, then rip it to 320kbps Mp3 and have a listen. You'll be shocked at how much certain instruments come out, especially the drums.
  22. I find it "challenging" to listen to songs that don't strike emotion or tell a story. The two most important things music should do.
  23. 10/10. One of my favorite tunes. Every part is absolutely perfect.
  24. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Great article in Billboard. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/magazine-feature/7752393/rush-charity-canadian-music-week-philanthropy
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