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  1. Looks like we'll need to wait for LSU/TX A & M and ND/USC to finish before #4 gets sorted out. But I'll be laughing like a crazy man if Bama and Satan get shut out. TCU pummels Iowa State.
  2. Michigan cranks it in second half, smokes Ohio State, 45-23 South Carolina beats Clemson, 31-30
  3. A lovely pub about 15 minutes North of me, owned by a family of ex Brit's, announced on their FB page all their seats have been filled for USA v England, and no walk-ins will be allowed. I've been in there for big Premier League and FA cup game crowds. Place is gonna be a zoo!
  4. Thanksgiving booze kicked in-some local a-hole is setting off fireworks-LOUD ones.
  5. Cornish game hen just went in oven. Settlng down with the last of my Bulliet bourbon on the rocks.
  6. Too many stupid plays, not enough smart ones...Lions snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again.
  7. Bjore Salming, Hall of Fame defenseman with Toronto and Detroit, passes away at 71 from ALS, which he announced he was suffering from in August. RIP, Bjore. https://www.nhl.com/news/borje-salming-hall-of-fame-defenseman-dies-at-71/c-338007692
  8. Toyota has also made inroads in NHRA, particularly in Top Fuel and Funny Car. But surprisingly not in Pro Stock, which is odd, as being strong in that class would better play into the old saying "win on Sunday, sell on Monday". Otoh, they could be making a play in other disciplines (F1, IMSA, etc.).
  9. Show Me The Way-Styx. After watching a YouTube of Dennis DeYoung' singing it in concert with his band which does Styx songs.
  10. Bwahaha, I'm blessed that I can switch that moron off and watch matches on Telemundo, with the incomporable Andres Cantor:
  11. Meanwhile, North of the border, Congratulations to the Toronto Argonauts in winning the Grey Cup. Caught the last half of that game with the late NFL contests, and that one was wild!
  12. God, Spencer Rattler, 30/37, 438 yards, 6 TD's 0 picks. Eff you, boomer sooner.
  13. One by one, they fall by the wayside. Tennessee loses the game to South Carolina, and QB Hendon Hooker to a torn ACL . UM's Blake Corum spent Sunday distributing Thanksgiving dinner supplies to less fortunate families in Ypsilanti, MI, East of Ann Arbor. Says "My knee is good. My knee is fine. I'll be back". .
  14. Michigan kicks FG, 19-17 over Illinois. BUT, Blake Corum leaves game with knee injury. If he can't go against Ohio State, Wolverines are toast.
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