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  1. The 3rd string QB is part of the criteria for placement determination. Much to FSU's disadvantage. There is talk 2nd string QB Tate Rodemaker will be sufficiently healed to play. Though I doubt his availability, or lack therof, made any difference.
  2. The anti-SEC and anti Saban invective on other sites is baaaaad. Worst opinion basically asked: "Who on the CFP selection committee did Saban blow for Bama to leapfrog FSU?"
  3. Unbeaten conference champ FSU shut out of CFP by a 'Bama team who got beat at home by Texas by 10 points. Fuq that! Finebaum must be laughing his ass off.
  4. Washington again beats Orgygon by 3, wins Pac 12. Texas demolishes Okiedokie State, takes Big 12. Georgia and 'Bama about to kick it for SEC. Louisville/FSU for ACC and Iowa/Michigan for Big 10 tonight. Selection at Noon tomorrow will be interesting-will an unbeaten get locked out?
  5. Definitely not by choice! In 2001 after surgery and being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, I had the first of seven sessions of chemotherapy. Nothing much came of it for about 10 days. I was at my work desk idly running my fingers into my scalp when I come away with a handful of hair. I take another pinch of hair and give it a twist, and out it comes. No itch or pain involved. I keep losing bits of my hair to the point of my going to a stylist the next day for a solution. She tries combing over what's left to half cover my head. No such luck over the next 3 days, I KNOW I'm going bald. Next day (Saturday) I get up, look in the mirror, say "f**k it", and hit the barber shop. They buzz my head down with an electric clipper, then throw on some hot shaving cream and clears it with a hand razor. Karen's first comment on seeing me was "I got a new,man!" Freaked folks out at work when I showed up clean the next Monday. Of course I didn't care, f**k 'em. After the chemo ended it took about 10 weeks for my hair to grow out to pre-cancer length. Somewhere I have a picture cd with the shaved head picture I used as my avatar on CP. I should post it here just for yuks.
  6. I have a feeling the Championship game will be a barn burner. Go Huskies!
  7. Elliot Silverstein passes away 11/24, age 96, per his family. After writing for "Naked City" and "The Twilight Zone" he turned to movie directing, including "Cat Ballou", " A Man Called Horse", and "The Car". Silverstein suggested Lee Marvin to play the role of drunken gunfighter Kid Shaleen in "Cat Ballou" after Kirk Douglas turned it down. Rest well, good sir. https://variety.com/2023/film/news/elliot-silverstein-dead-cat-ballou-1235810005/
  8. Jean Knight, soul singer known for her hit "Mr. Big Stuff passes away Wednesday 11/22 "of natural causes", age 80. I guess for sure he's never gonna get her love. Rest well, Jean. https://news.yahoo.com/jean-knight-mr-big-stuff-195140362.html
  9. There are whispers that QB Jared Goff is "playing through" a hand or wrist injury that the Lions are staying mum about.
  10. They're Fox Faux. What did you expect, Witch Hunt?
  11. Mmm, kasha instead of rice! Does she sweeten the sauce or leaves well enough alone?
  12. Willie Hernandez, closing pitcher for Detroit Tigers during their championship run in 1984, passes away, age 69. No cause of death listed. Along with Sandy Coufax (1963) and Denny McClain (1968), Hernandez won an MVP, A Cy Young Award, and a World Series in the same season. Willie was a huge fan favorite in Detroit. Rest well. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/willie-hernández-who-won-mvp-cy-young-ws-with-tigers-dies-at-69/ar-AA1kjkoL
  13. Dominate? Last Cup win 2007-2008? Haven't made playoffs the last 7 seasons? Made imho the mistake of putting Steve Yzerman upstairs in a suit instead of on the bench actually coaching? Nope.
  14. I mainly follow two groups of teams; those from my current home area of Miami and Florida, and those of my birthplace and home of 35+ years, Detroit and Michigan. C-.
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