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  1. In what? Number of vowels in the band name? Certainly not in the quality of their music. :) We’re not talking quality we’re talking favorites. Those can be two completely different things.
  2. Hot. It’s been in the upper 80’s the past couple of days. I’m not ready for summer yet.
  3. Re-watch, or first time through? First time. I’m only on the second season. You digging it? Yeah. It’s strangely compelling.
  4. Re-watch, or first time through? First time. I’m only on the second season.
  5. :o Seriously? I loved it! Of course I was obsessed w/ the original, and some people have said that was boring. I thought 2049 was spectacular, visually stunning and just all around an awesome movie. Go figure. I loved the first movie. It’s always been one of my favorites. I just thought this one was incredibly yawn-worthy.
  6. I agree. Apparently the whole line up of Geddy, Alex,and Neil is sacrosanct...so even if Geddy and Alex aren't ready to retire, as Rush they must because they're not allowed to be Rush w/ out Neil. And that's just stupid. Exactly. I just think it would be fun to hear them on other bands albums and playing with others. That’s exciting to me.
  7. Blade Runner 2049 Boorrrrrrring.
  8. Why don’t people want them to play with other musicians? They played together for most of their lives. It’s time to branch out a bit.
  9. It was time for them to quit. Geddys voice has slowly been going downhill since Snakes. You could hear it starting to break even back then. Alex looked like he was in pain a good bit of the R40 tour and made more mistakes than I have ever heard him do live. Neil has been simplifying his drum parts for years as well, probably due to his tendinitis. If you’ve read his books you can tell he’s just been touring with the guys for years only so he can ride his motorcycle around in interesting places. Most everyone here knows these things but some are more or less willing to accept them.
  10. Popularity? Way down the list. Maybe in a top 50.
  11. The white Ric was actually Alex’s bass. He’s since sold it.
  12. I haven't needed a winter coat since I moved to Arizona. Just a light jacket on the colder days.
  13. Andy West Is playing with them on this tour!! (See the pictures above) Don't miss them!! Right. That’s why I said “first”. :)
  14. I saw them back when Andy West first played with them. Love The Dregs. I had no idea they were touring. This might draw me out to my first concert since R40.
  15. Face Up Wish Them Well Tai Shan We Hold On Dog Years
  16. I have three pairs in my closet. I also put more supportive insoles in them.
  17. Ohmygod pre-ET! And what’s he doing with those fuzzy-wuzzy hands of his? And I sure hope that’s a teddy bear... They came in three different shapes if I remember right. I think this is supposed to be a monkey.
  18. There was a five and dime store in the town where my mom grew up where I used to get those plastic dinosaurs every time we visited. I loved those things. And rabbits feet for a good luck charm. We had a set of the Jarts too.
  19. http://www.theimaginaryworld.com/zow53.jpg
  20. I liked Confessions, but nothing after Ray Of Light was good. But she had an incredible run. Her songs are still pretty timeless now, used a lot in the media and still beloved by music fans. I feel the only thing aging badly is Madonna herself. I agree with you, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about her in years.
  21. I had all of the albums up to Ray of Light. After that the songs got more and more just dance music and not really well conceived songs.
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