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    The Tour of the Hemispheres concert- November 1978- Sacramento, California. It was other-worldly~
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  1. There may be drummers more technical, writers more prolific, lyrycists more expressive, intellectuals more cerebral, cosmopolitans more well-traveled and/or benefactors more liberal, however, there are none that I know of who embodied all of these simultaneously who had such a profound impact on so many. Neil was truly an extraordinarily brilliant man. It has been painful dealing with his passing, but I celebrate his life and the gifts he has given me. RIP Neil ...
  2. I can’t help imagining the following scenario: Scene: Heaven, The Afterlife, Elysian Fields, Valhalla Jesus: Oh My ME!!! Look over there, look who just walked in through the gates, it’s NEIL FREAKING PEART!!! Buddha (fanning self): I can’t believe it! Zeus: Think he’ll sign an autograph? Odin: For us, sure! Of course! Of all his fans, no one can say we aren’t the biggest! (Group of deities heads in Neil’s direction. Neil spies them and cringes). Neil, muttering as he tries to evade the Fangods: Oh cripes, not THIS shit again! Where’s the Praetorian Guard? Oh f**k, that’s right, they’re not dead yet. Bastards. Jesus et al: Neil, Neil, you’re the greatest drummer ever! Neil: Go away Allah: Come on, please sign my book! Neil: No. Leave me alone. I’m not famous anymore. Now go away! Buddha: Play Tom Sawyer!! Apologies if this offends. I need a little gallows humor to cope. I am compelled to tell you that when my daughter called me to tell me of this tragedy, my heart sunk like a stone and I was in a nasty funk all afternoon. After I got home from work, she talked me into going out to get some sushi... I cried on the way there.... When we sat down at our table, I pulled up TRF on my phone and started reading from the most recent post going backwards. Someone was looking out for me because within just a few minutes, I got to your post. I read it in quiet fascination and when I read the words: "Buddha: Play Tom Sawyer!!" ......I laughed out loud so hard that everyone in the restaurant turned to look at me... It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shared your post with my daughter and we laughed and laughed. I honestly felt soooo much better after reading through and laughing at your post. Thank you for making a very painful experience just a little more palatable...
  3. Have you heard RUSH: ANAHEIM - The Definitive Edition? Although this would technically be the MP Tour..
  4. Can't get enough of them and there are so many available... It's been my experience that there are more good quality boots than poor quality ones. They have really enhanced my Rush experience and we should all feel blessed that they are available for us to listen to. Some of my favorites are the ones from 74-78...
  5. I went to Mimi's Cafe this weekend and ordered the 'Rushy Stew'... Our waitress said she would check to see if it was available. A few minutes later, she came back to our table and said "I'm sorry, but we don't have the Rushy Stew"... I asked "Why not"... and she replied "Because we are all out of the most badass band to ever walk the earth and are being told we will not be getting any more....ever". I cried and asked her "Ok then, do you have any "All Other Crappy Bands Goulash" ? She replied, "Oh yeah, We've got tons of that"... :rush:
  6. tks95747


    That's weird.... I could swear when that guy started singing/yodeling, I could almost see him tearing up By-Tor and The Snow Dog ...
  7. Then every band would be monstrous. But then why play an instrument? What contributed to those egos? You're not wrong. I can name a few bands that are monstrous..... er... or would that more appropriately be "monstrosities"...
  8. I honestly don't see what you're talking about
  9. tks95747


    I always loved Hocus Pocus by Focus... As for Ged's waning years' vocal stylings... That yodel of his was worse than nails on a chalkboard, for me at least. It was always much worse live, too... Nevertheless, his voice 1975-1980 was untouchable...
  10. THE most unassuming badass that ever lived :rush:
  11. Great way to start a Friday.... Laughing my arse off :laughing guy: :laughing guy: :laughing guy:
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