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  1. I remember seeing her on tv ever since I was a kid. She always had such a friendly uplifting personality. Someone you’d love to know. RIP.
  2. Hope all is as well as can be expected. :hug2:
  3. It really got to me for a while. It was like someone I knew personally had died. I was sad and a bit depressed. It was like a part of my life was missing. But now after all this time I can think of it and feel a little sad but it’s lessened over the last year and a half in particular.
  4. So sorry you’re in pain. Thinking of you every day. :hug2:
  5. Hugs and prayers sent your way. I think of you every day even though I haven’t been here much. :hug2:
  6. I love Rick. He’s very musically talented and knowledgeable. Great interview.
  7. The Who Sell Out needs to go. Quadrophenia and Who’s Next are top for me.
  8. I turned 61 this year and I still find it hard to believe I’m this old. Though I find it harder to do a lot of things that were easy 10 years ago. Like getting up off of the floor.
  9. IMO, Song For America and Leftoverture should be immune. They’re perfect. After Audio Visions I didn’t care for much of anything they did until recently.
  10. Peter Gabriel wins the album for me but I like You Can Call Me Al. It may be cutesy but it’s fun and the bass rocks.
  11. Wow amazing. I still think of Olivia as a baby. Hard to believe she’s so old already. Where does the time go?
  12. Glad to hear it. I also have them in my music rotation on a regular basis.
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