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R40 Live: How Does It Compare?


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R30 (for the 25.1% of the time I have thought about this answer)

Snakes & Arrows (for the 25.0 %)

R40 (for the 25.0 %)

Rio (for the 24.9%)

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It's strange how a crowd can affect a performance.Rio,the crowd is bonkers and makes for an exciting spectacle despite the terrible mix,whereas in other shows there are awkward,'quiet'moments (R30,Snakes) .The band are playing well but maybe the songs aren't happening with the crowd.R40 is mostly great but one too many from CA and ,err,How It Is and Geddy's voice starts off bad but the magic starts happening not long after.


Is the Rio cd Tom Sawyer the same as the Rio dvd? Or did they sneak in another live TS for the Rio cd?

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My opinion on the Tom Sawyer performances:


Rio - Sounds great. Still has a bit of shriek in his voice.


R30 - Sounds great again. Voice deeper than Rio but still solid.


Snakes - A lot deeper here, his voice sounds richer and fuller than R30 and Rio IMO.


Time Machine - Sounds like he's struggling a bit, can still belt it out pretty well but his voice cracks all over the place.


Clockwork Angels - Ugh. Sounds like he's in pain trying to sing it. Yodeling a bunch and it's painful to listen to.


R40 - Best vocal performance since Snakes. His voice still cracks, but he seems to have his voice more under control than the previous two DVDs.

Spot on.
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As far as performance AND production:

1) Rio (despite a rough start audio wise, though they explained the technical difficulties)

2) R40 (great show, great sound)

3) R30 (this could be 2b)

4) S&A

5) Time Machine

6) Clockwork Angels (the poor production ruined this one for me- only watched it once)

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Based on set-list, sound, and performance:



Snakes And Arrows






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Are we talking sound? I give sound a six of one, half a dozen of the other...all live discs anymore are decent sounding... I'm more on the content bandwagon....


Rio isn't my favorite because the crowd is too present in the mix, but the setlist is decent (I think I have a few boots where the sound is decent enough)...R30 has moments, but the covers get in the way.... Snakes and Arrows is one of the better setlists....Time Machine and Clockwork Angels has too much newer stuff, so they sort of sit in the middle....R40 is great because of bringing some of the older stuff back!

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