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  1. Can confirm it was recorded on 19th Oct 2002 at the Quebec City gig - the same gig that video footage is taken from. I think in general Geddy's vocals were very strong on the Vapor Trails Tour, I'm guessing because they were so well rested after not touring for 5 years. https://www.rhino.com/product/in-rio
  2. Always thought was the best version of Vital Signs. Geddy's really on top form vocally here I think - something about the way his voice cuts through on this recording really gives me chills.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments everyone, really appreciated!!
  4. Hi all, here’s a video of myself recording drums for my band's cover of ‘Where’s My Thing?’. I recorded the drum track in one take and included a little drum solo in the middle as a tribute to The Professor. This was quite challenging to track as Peart played in such a hard hitting, intense way - harder than how I naturally play. But it was rewarding experience and I’m very proud of how it turned out. I hope you all enjoy it, RIP Neil.
  5. A trend I've noticed is that you post random questions once in a blue moon about subjects pertaining to the R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour video. Hopefully you can be more active and contribute something to the forum. Damn, passive aggressive much! Do you really think such a post will encourage pasqua to post here more? I don't think so.
  6. The definitive answer from the man himself can be found here: https://youtu.be/Lm8elb-4P60?t=4026
  7. I don't know if it's a bit cheeky to post this thread here, so if any mods want to move this to a different part of the forum then I totally understand! I play drums in a band called Kyros and today we released a covers album that includes 2 Rush covers - Force Ten and Where's My Thing?. The Where's My Thing cover I'm particularly proud of as it was intended as a tribute to Neil. I arranged it myself, making it similar to the live version and included a (short) drum solo in the middle. The aim for the solo was simply to sound as much like Neil as possible and I'm very pleased with how it turned out! It was for Neil in his honour and I hope people here enjoy it. The drum performances for both songs were done in one take and I will be releasing a video of the drum recording for Where's My Thing soon!
  8. I consider the Rush synth era to be 1982-1988.
  9. One Little Victory < Far Cry Ceiling Unlimited < Armor and Sword Ghost Rider > Workin' Them Angels Peaceable Kingdom > The Larger Bowl The Stars Look Down > Spindrift How It Is < The Main Monkey Business Vapor Trail > The Way The Wind Blows Secret Touch > Hope Earthshine > Faithless Sweet Miracle > Bravest Face Nocturne > Good News First Freeze (Part IV of "Fear") < Malignant Narcissism Out Of The Cradle < We Hold On Vapor Trails wins 8-5. No surprise as it's easily the album I prefer of the two.
  10. These are the Rush albums I've obsessed over the most. I guess that makes them my favourites! In order of when I discovered them: Moving Pictures Permanent Waves Power Windows Hold Your Fire A Farewell to Kings Vapor Trails
  11. ^^ this. It was hard to find 3 that wasn't filler. I do enjoy Ghost of a Chance a lot too - it very narrowly missed out on being in the top 3. Then the title track I also like quite a bit. As for the rest of this album, I don't think any of it should have made the cut. Imo it would have been better off left as a 5 song EP - I'd rather that than a full length album half full of filler.
  12. Top 3: 1. Armor & Sword 2. Far Cry 3. The Main Monkey Business ^These tracks are amongst the band's all time best imo. Unfortunately there are also a few songs on this album I would consider to be filler. I honestly feel the album would have been much stronger if these songs had been cut - it would have still clocked in at around 40 mins. Filler: The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum), Spindrift, Bravest Face, Good News First
  13. Top 3: 1. Bravado 2. Dreamline 3. Where's My Thing Filler: Face Up, The Big Wheel, Heresy, Neurotica, You Bet Your Life
  14. Some good stuff but definitely not his best work vocal-wise. What's interesting is (at least to me) how much better his vocals sound on Caravan and BU2B (recorded before the Time Machine Tour) than the other songs (recorded after). You can really hear how much his voice deteriorated on the that tour. Still not a bad performance but a little shaky at times.
  15. Awesome footage, Neil does a great job here. It's a real shame he didn't do more drum clinics!
  16. 1. Snakes & Arrows Live 2. R40 3. Rush in Rio 4. Clockwork Angels Tour 5. Time Machine 6. R30
  17. My personal favourite Rush Album! Imo it has Neil's best lyrics, some of Geddy's best bass playing, some of Alex's best guitar solos and most importantly, some of the band's best ever songs. If I could go back in time to see one Rush concert, it would be one from the Hold Your Fire Tour. Think it's a shame the album hasn't been covered more in subsequent tours.
  18. I like that song personally. I find it quite atmospheric. Not one of their best I agree but I consider it to be a level above all the "duds" on this list.
  19. Thought this concept for a tour would be quite interesting and amusing. As I couldn't be bothered to put this one in much of an order, I decided to just go chronologically backwards like the R40 Tour. I included Tom Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio only because I consider them to be essential live staples, not because I think they're duds! Would be interested to see other people's "Dud Tour" setlists. This thread is not meant to be serious and certainly no-disrespect to the band is intended from me! With that said, here it is... 1. BU2B2 2. Bravest Face 3. Good News First 4. Seven and Seven Is 5. Out of the Cradle 6. Dog Years 7. Carve Away the Stone 8. Everyday Glory 9. Face Up 10. Neurotica 11. You Bet Your Life 12. Superconductor 13. Anagram (For Mongo) 14. Emotion Detector 15. Red Lenses 16. Countdown 17. Tom Sawyer 18. The Spirit of Radio 19. Lessons 20. I Think I'm Going Bald 21. The Fountain of Lamneth Encores: 22. Rivendell 23. Best I Can 24. Need Some Love 25. Take a Friend 26. In the Mood
  20. And as a bonus, he's my Yes "Greatest Duds" Tour setlist which is a concept I thought would be interesting and pretty funny. I included Owner of a Lonely Heart and Roundabout but only because I consider them to be essential live staples - I certainly wouldn't say they're duds! As I really couldn't be bothered to put this in much of an order, I thought I would also just put it backwards. Know I would definitely want my money back if they played this set! 1. Firebird Suite: Finale (Intro) / In a World of Our Own 2. Step Beyond 3. It Was All We Knew 4. To Ascend 5. The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be 6. Solitaire 7. Soft as a Dove 8. Finally 9. Wonderlove 10. No Way We Can Lose 11. Love Shine 12. Somehow, Someday 13. Bring Me to the Power (Interval) 14. I Would Have Waited Forever 15. Dangerous (Look Into the Light of What You're Searching For) 16. Silent Talking 17. Teakbois 18. Almost Like Love 19. Our Song 20. Owner of a Lonely Heart 21. White Car 22. Circus of Heaven 23. The Remembering (High the Memory) 24. Cans and Brahms 25. Five Per Cent for Nothing 26. Roundabout Encores: 27. Clear Days 28. Sweetness
  21. Thought it would be interesting to see what chronologically backwards setlists people come up with for other bands besides Rush. I'll get the ball rolling with these... Yes: 1. Firebird Suite: Finale (Intro) / Fly from Here, Part I: We Can Fly 2. Spirit of Survival 3. Dreamtime 4. The Messenger 5. The Calling 6. Brother of Mine 7. Shoot High Aim Low 8. Changes 9. Make it Easy / Owner of a Lonely Heart (Interval) 10. Does it Really Happen? 11. On the Silent Wings of Freedom 12. Wonderous Stories 13. The Gates of Delirium 14. And You and I 15. Heart of the Sunrise 16. Roundabout Encores: 17. Starship Trooper 18. Time and a Word Porcupine Tree: 1. The Incident: I. Occam's Razor / II. The Blind House 2. Bonnie the Cat 3. The Incident: IX. Time Flies 4. What Happens Now? 5. Sleep Together 6. Mellotron Scratch 7. Halo 8. The Sound of Muzak 9. Strip the Soul (Interval) 10. Lightbulb Sun 11. Even Less (Full Version) 12. Piano Lessons 13. Bornlivedie / Signify 14. Every Home Is Wired 15. Sever 16. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder 17. Moonloop 18. The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 2 Encores: 19. Burning Sky 20. Radioactive Toy Muse: 1. [Drill Sergeant] / Psycho 2. Dead Inside 3. Reapers 4. [JFK] / Defector 5. Madness 6. Animals 7. Survival 8. Save Me 9. Unnatural Selection 10. Resistance 11. Undisclosed Desires 12. MK Ultra 13. Uprising (Interval) 14. What's He Building? (Intro) / Knights of Cydonia 15. Supermassive Black Hole 16. Take a Bow 17. Starlight 18. Intro / Apocalypse Please 19. Butterflies & Hurricanes 20. Sing for Absolution 21. Time is Running Out 22. Micro Cuts 23. Plug In Baby 24. Space Dementia 25. Bliss Encores: 26. Unintended 27. Uno 28. Fillip 29. Sunburn 30. Showbiz
  22. How about you stick your drums where the sun don't shine, you arrogant t**t? You've no idea what those drummers could pull off as you are too busy pulling off yourself. Dude, what's your problem?? That personal attack was disgraceful. He had some perfectly valid points that you didn't like so you just immediately resorted to bullying. That's like 8 year old behaviour.
  23. I think there's actually quite a strong chance of this happening but if does, I'm almost certain they won't be calling the band Rush out of respect to Neil. Out of these drummers I'd say Marco Minnemann would be the best fit, could actually imagine that combination being really awesome! Other drummers I could see working well in this role are Simon Phillips, Jimmy Keegan and Todd Sucherman.
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