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What 5 songs would you most like to see this tour (reality not required)

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Tom Sawyer

The Body Electric

The Analog Kid

Red Barchetta



What can I say - this will be my first Rush gig! ������

I have a feeling you'll see at least three of those. TS is a definite.

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1. Xanadu

2. Xanadu

3. Xanadu

4. Xanadu

5. Xanadu


Honorable Mention:


Yes, please! :yes: I think Xanadu is the one the fans want to hear the most. I'll be shocked if they don't play it.

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I've never been to a Rush concert before but these are what I really want to hear more than anything:


1. The Enemy Within

2. Subdivisions

3. Jacob's Ladder

4. La Villa Strangiato

5. YYZ


looking at prior setlists, it looks like YYZ and Subdivisions are a lock for every show so I just have to keep some hope for the others :)

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Natural Science

Red Barchetta

Ghost of a Chance

Love to hear one or two of the instrumentals like Where's my Thing,Leave that Thing Alone and that Limbo thing as well as that La Villa YYZ thingy

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Reality not required? :)


LOL, the rabid diehard love for Xanadu and Jacob's Ladder is always interesting.


For me? Five songs I must hear, given a choice? Whether I've heard them a million times live or never?


La Villa

Natural Science

Distant Early Warning

Digital Man


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