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  1. Yep. And just proves you don't need to be musically complex to end up with a beautiful song!
  2. Yes. And ironically I assumed it would be Neil that went first - but I thought it was going to be in a motorbike accident. But damn cancer - especially with all he had been through. While us fans are feeling bad, I can only imagine what his family and friends are feeling right now. They've been robbed of a husband, a father and a wonderful human being. Such a colossal loss for everyone.
  3. Only the one. But it was the last ever show, so I'm pretty stoked about that!
  4. Seemed like a perfect song for R40. Real shame they didn't include it...
  5. OK, I'm in. So you've got a couple of Aussies now. Party is officially started...!
  6. No reason they couldn't do album performances in a semi-residence fashion. 3 albums per night with an intermission between sets. For example... Night 1 Rush Fly by Night Caress of Steel Night 2 2112 A Farewell to Kings Hemispheres Night 3 Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Signals etc... Spread it out over a couple of weeks to go easy on Geddy's voice.
  7. Speaking as someone who will be seeing their first Rush show ever in LA in a couple of weeks, I would have complained if they left out TS. And loudly!! I'm not flying all the way from Australia to NOT hear Tom Sawyer.
  8. Ignoring Power Windows, Hold Your Fire and Presto. And having the title track from Roll the Bones as that album's sole appearance.
  9. I could do without Natural Science, but would love DEW, RB and TCE in the same set. I'm seeing the final show in LA, so if I assume that the first show of the third leg starts with Set A, I get to see DEW (hooray!), but have to see YYZ, TSOR and NS (not ideal, but it's Rush so - everything in perspective...:))
  10. I think we can put the rumor of Rush touring Australia to bed - ain't gonna happen, sorry. There were talks that did happen with an Australian promoter but the money being asked for by Rush meant a tour wasn't going to be economically feasible. Since those negotiations happened the Australian dollar has fallen against the greenback making it even LESS likely. Frankly I'm surprised there were discussions at all. But that's ok - I'm flying from Sydney to see the final show in LA, so after 30 years of being a fan from afar I'll finally get to see Rush play live. Can't wait!
  11. Just add The Camera Eye to set A and I'd be one happy little Vegemite...:)
  12. The Main Monkey Business would be BRILLIANT!!!!
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