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What are you watching right now?


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That rabbit's dynamite!!

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The Sugarland Express on Showtime streaming


Spielberg’s 2nd movie and theatrical debut with Goldie Hawn and “dickless” from Ghostbusters.

Great movie.
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Revenge of Sith - anakin has just pledged himself to the chancellor :facepalm: WEAK, you are :smash: :smash: :smash:


At least that epi was half-tolerable.


AOTC is the worst. I actually fell asleep for a few minutes on opening day in theaters. Say what you will about the new ones, at least they don’t have Lucas doing clunky dialogue like “I don’t like sand.” ROTS is the best of the three which is like saying (speaking of Lucas) Howard The Duck is better than Leonard Part 6. Not saying much.


They’re great to watch on Rifftrax, though.

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Earthquake (1974) on Showtime

That with Towering Inferno is = 70s disaster double feature ftw!



(Or may second only to watching Poseidon Adventure back-to-back)

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