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07 - Best Song From Permanent Waves


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

    • The Spirit of Radio
    • Freewill
    • Jacob's Ladder
    • Entre Nous
    • Different Strings
    • Natural Science

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Spirit of the Radio. Lyrics & intro kick major tush. Drumming to the intro is amazing. Pearts different beats are amazing. But then again, theres Freewill and Natural Science. And Jacobs Ladder and different Strings!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any drummers contact me.

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another really solid incredibly consistent rush album. spirit of the radio was always such a powerful radio and concert track to me though that i fell in love with it above all others on the album, though of course natural science is brilliant and the guitar solo on the excellent freewill is close to alex's best...
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I love Freewill.

The solo is by far the best I have ever heard from any band.

When I went to the 30 yr concert last year, his hands almost caught fire firedevil.gif


But...I still chose The Spirit of the Rado,

It is just a classic..

(its the official Rush website BGM for crying out loud!)



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hmm i was so tempted by jacob's ladder here, the atmosphere created is really intense, and i'm loving the time signatures!!


then again, i listen to natural science, its just so amazing!!


so natural science it is!

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next to Fly by Night


Spirit of Radio is my fave!! Its the 1st 2.gif song I ever heard.. and the one that got my attention. Must admit... it wasn't until my time in Saskatoon that I really paid more attention to them. Ever since my time in Canada... I been following 2.gif

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This has got to be the toughest 'best song' poll for me cos it's the album that changed my musical awareness. A 13 years old kid growing up in the glam rock/disco/early punk era and then my friend plays me P/W. One of those moments that stays with me.

I had to vote for N/S purely for it's wow factor, but in truth i love them all. It's for me the complete Rush album. It flows from start to finish. It's up-beat, technical, sad, piledriving, thought provoking. One listen and I was blown away. I love what came before and all that has come since, but P/W still remains my #1.




fifteen men on a dead man's chest

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Natural Science.
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