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  1. Don't feed the trolls. This is the best album since at least Power Windows (for me). Not a dud song on the album (imo)
  2. OzzMosiz

    CA in the charts

    It hit 76 in the UK charts. Poor performance for an amazing album. Wonder if the classic rock edition had anything to do with that?
  3. I'm loving CA, but it's not as good as Power Windows for me. Power Windows is a superb album. GUP is the weakest of all the 80's albums in my opinion.
  4. Test For Echo & Vapor Trails. I think there are good songs on VT but the production is awful.
  5. I think VT is probably a good album, but the noise in the production is god awful. Remaster/mix it please!
  6. My wife agreed, she couldn't understand what he was singing at the Birmingham show. That said, I thought his vocal performance on Presto was amazing.
  7. One of my favourites from Counterparts. I love the guitar solo in the middle!
  8. I enjoyed the classics, but to me Caravan & Presto were 2 of the stand out tracks along with Marathan, Witch Hunt, Limelight. Could've done without Stick It Out personally. Musicianship was top notch, Geddys voice was hard to hear a lot of the time, though was perfect on Presto.
  9. A Show Of Hands, gets played in the car at least 2 -3 times a week. Was my first ever Rush album I listened to in 2004
  10. They've always stated that some of the keyboards are 'triggered' by Geddy. Not sure if this is still the case or not.
  11. If the album is of the quality of Caravan & BU2B then I am going to be very happy Hoping to high heaven it is not their last studio album though!
  12. Middletown Dreams, but I love every song on this album.
  13. Spirit Of Radio (which is my mobile ring tone ) with Entre Nous a close second.
  14. Def Leppard are also one of my favourite bands. I have all the albums from On Through The Night to X and all the DVD's. Favs are definitely Hign N Dry, Hysteria, Slang, Euphoria and X.
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