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The "I got UK Time Machine tix & I'm happy" thread


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QUOTE (1 of the 7 @ Nov 25 2010, 10:33 AM)
QUOTE (garbo @ Nov 25 2010, 10:15 AM)
I got my tickets for Ireland and I'm SUPER HAPPY!!!!!  And kind of scared.  ph34r.gif  I've only been to Canada, eh.

So psyched for you, that is going to be one amazing trip! Did you get good seats?

Not the greatest. Section L, row 41. The initial seats were section G, row 20, but I wanted center seats. I should have gotten up in the middle of the night to get them! wink.gif But still... I'm psyched. biggrin.gif Ireland AND Rush!

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QUOTE (forpadydeplasterer @ Nov 25 2010, 05:42 PM)
Any of our stateside friends coming to Ireland for the gig. post a thread nearer the time and we'll meet up for a few guiness and a good ol Irish sing song before the gig! trink38.gif

The Hot Tub section has all the gigs listed- you can arrange meet and greets in the Dublin thread there trink39.gif

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Guess all the worrying abt getting tickets for Dublin was justified after all, I just spend 40 minutes on the ticketbastard hotline waiting to talk to a damn human about the tickets but of course I did the wrong thing, I should have been online doing it instead and now there is nothing left for me ie standing

I rang ticketline for the secc tix and thought ticketmaster would have had a hotline too aw well another sleepless night again,wonder if there will be any standing left in the morning

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My bud and myself have front stalls for Manchester, London & Brum which we're well chuffed with. We saw them 5 times with R30 and 6 with Snakes. The current prices are abit higher then we guessed they would be but the fact we're doing fewer this tour has more to do with the ongoing recession and not the actual ticket prices as such.

Really looking foward to May.

Roll the bones, the tour & the craic.

See you there!

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YES Just in case any one you was worried abt me not geting tickets worry no more I got what I wanted , early in the General sale. 4 standing tickets ! YES


I can bring my friends and show them the power of the power trio

Im not sure how the pregig meetup will work If I am go get in early to get close to the stage, ahwell we could always have a meetup at 11 am lol


The panicing is over time to start planning and enjoying the buzz

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