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  1. very enjoyable show. the time seemed to fly by. audience seemed well up for it and the band seemed to be really enjoying themselves. No issues with the sound where i was in block b anybody know what happened to the guy taken out by the medics on a stretcher during the interval
  2. definately fewer people at the MEN than on the S&A tour going off the curtained off seats but still a good turnout and a great gig
  3. MEN Arena Block B Row Q in the general sale. Happy days roll 19th may
  4. Did not bother registering to get pre sale so waited for general release, Best available on the ticketbastard website this morning for the MEN Arena were blocks 107 & 111 right at the back of the arena. Went down to the MEN, tickets in BLOCK B (front center of the stage) were available at the box office. What are ticketbastard playing at, why don't they show these tickets on the website. How many people who could not call to the box office would have bought tickets up in the gods when better tickets were available but were not showing on the website
  5. Went on the MEN website just after 9 this morning, best tickets available blocks 107 and 111. Any further back and you would be in the street. Any way i only live about 20 minutrs from the MEN so went down on the train and got 2 tickets in BLOCK B . which is at the front in the center of the stage, also meant i avoided ticketbastards extortionate booking fees. The fact these tickets did not show when asking for best available backs up the point that they hold back some of the good seats. No doubt to try to get people who cannot get to the venue to buy tickets thinking the show is selling out.
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