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Next Tour: Post Moving Pictures Songs


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Any post Moving Picture songs that you guys want to see on the next tour? I would love to see:


Red Sector A


Turn The Page

Subdivisions (of course biggrin.gif )



and many more but I'm too lazy to name all of them. What do you guys think?

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Anything off Signals, Presto , Power Windows [ except Big Money biggrin.gif ] or T4E
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That had me very confused for a second there. I didn't see the "Post" part (I swear, I have a mild form of dyslexia or something wacko.gif) and you were posting Red Sector A and such, and I was like "...umlolwhat?"


But never mind Nikki's confusion. Hmm, I'd love to see The Weapon, or anything from Signals for that mater; something from Hold Your Fire (again, I'm too in love with that album to pick specifics); The Pass. Pare the stuff from S&A way, way down.

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The Enemy Within

Between the Wheels

Prime Mover

You Bet Your Life

Where's My Thing?


All of Test For Echo

All of Vapor Trails

Bravest Face

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Losing it, Afterimage, Emotion Detector, Open Secrets, and...That's enough for now. Please no more Dreamline or Red Sector A
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The Analog Kid

Distant Early Warning

The Body Electric

Red Lenses (Just so I can hear Ged go off on the bass at the end)


Manhattan Project

War Paint

Bravado (Alex's extended solo)

Between Sun and Moon


Vapor Trail

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Digital Man


The Enemy Within

Kid Gloves

Grand Designs


Open Secrets

Lock And Key

Chain Lightning


Where's My Thing?

Alien Shore

Cut To The Chase

Test For Echo

Ceiling Unlimited

Secret Touch

Armor & Sword


I know that's a lot, but really I'd just take a few of those songs in a setlist and be pleased smile.gif

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