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    Seeing the Stanley Cup on stage with the band on June 28, 2013 in Tinley Park, and the explosion of the crowd into "YYZ" and "The Spirit of Radio."
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    Genesis, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, U2, Chickenfoot, The Offspring, Paramore, Van Halen, Silversun Pickups, Metric
  1. One time he was just being as Geddy as it gets, and after YYZ on the last tour in Chicago, he said, "It's time to say a farewell to strings." He's the only one who could get away with such a bad joke in such a charming way.
  2. S&A and I don't even think it's close. I hated the TM Tour. S&A had a really nice variety in the setlist save for the consecutive S&A songs to start the second set. When you throw "Digital Man," "Entre Nous," "Natural Science," and "Witch Hunt" in the same show, you're winning big time.
  3. Grace Under Pressure Roll The Bones Vapor Trails (Remix)
  4. Best album since Pop, I'll concur. Big U2 fan here. Haven't liked any 21st century U2 stuff yet, but I've listened to this album at least three times today and it has gotten better each time. Great PR just giving the album away. I'm thrilled with the disc.
  5. My music taste ebbs and flows on a cyclical basis. I go through a lot of moods. I may be big on '90s grunge for awhile, then move on to new indie stuff, then to some prog, and all of those usually last between two weeks to a month. And there's always a band that I focus on in those moods. Soundgarden, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, and Genesis are a few examples from this past summer. Whenever I don't quite know what mood I'm in, Rush is my go-to. They're my fallback because I'll usually go a decent period of time where I don't listen to much of them, and the stuff becomes "fresh" again. I don't force this system on myself; my subconscious decided it works, I guess. And I'm pretty happy with it. Rush may be the band I've listened to longer than anyone and never burned out on.
  6. I never even wanted to meet Neil in a rock 'n' roll setting. Would I like to sit down, have coffee with him, and talk books? Politics? The world? That to me sounds like a perfect encounter with the guy. But he doesn't owe me or anyone that, or any sort of meet-and-greet.
  7. I never understood why fans believe Neil doesn't like them or that it even seems that way. Dude writes books about his life. We know more about him than we do Geddy or Alex. He's never been the public figure. He's made it clear before and makes it clear now. He's an introvert and likes to do his job and live his own way. I'd say he's earned it. I totally respect that.
  8. I don't really believe much in guilty pleasures. I usually own everything I like with no hesitation. Not my problem if people don't like it. That said, there are some Rush songs I like a lot more than I probably should: Countdown Red Lenses Scars Hand Over Fist Everyday Glory Carve Away the Stone BU2B
  9. That part is gorgeous. I really love how Alex waits to resolve that riff until the end of the song. He just knows that everyone's waiting for him to do it, and he knows just when to execute it Gorgeous is the perfect word for it. And I love how he plays the song out with it. Just a shame that's it's surrounded by so much fluff.
  10. I dislike Tai Shan as much as everyone else here, but there's one part of it I actually love. When Geddy sings, "If you raise your hands to heaven/You will live a hundred years." I love the riff Alex plays there. I wish it wasn't wasted on this song in particular.
  11. I've said it earlier in the thread, but listening today, I'm stunned the band has never played Open Secrets live. Now that's a great song. Probably top of my list, to be honest.
  12. Red Barchetta or I Can't Drive 55.
  13. I think Driven's a great song but what annoys me most is that people bash on Test For Echo solely because of lyrics. I think people are putting too much emphasis on some words in a song and not putting ENOUGH emphasis on the actual music. To me lyrics ultimately don't matter. I agree with this. And it isn't Driven's lyrics that bother me. I actually think they're alright. The music is uninteresting to me. Not entirely sure why that is.
  14. I voted for Driven. I've made it clear how much I (inexplicably) love Test For Echo, and it's always been funny to me that whenever I read someone comment on it, I've seen them say, "Aside from Driven there isn't much good on there" more times than I could count. It has to be one of my least favorite songs on the album. I don't get it.
  15. Don't forget your bulletproof vest And be sure to wear your "I Rahm" button in a prominent place so it can be plainly seen. That would imply that I actually like Rahm Emanuel. I was thinking of your protection, not whether you actually liked him or not. If you wear the button, they will think you a true party comrade. :) You have me feeling safer already!
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