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    front row for Signals tour
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  1. Assuming that they do tour next summer and prior to the Clockwork Angels release, here's how I think they'll tweak the setlist: TSOR Analog Kid Animate Workin' Them Angels Leave That Thing Alone Faithless BU2B Freewill Marathon Subdivisions YYZ Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta Caravan C.A. new song Test For Echo Distant Early Warning Drum solo Closer to the Heart Jacob's Ladder Far Cry Limelight 2112 Overture/Temples/GF Working Man Thoughts?
  2. fav. less popular song: Between Sun & Moon fav. popular song: Red Barchetta
  3. Man, did anyone else notice how much fun they seem to be having on this tour? This is a band that's not just going through the motions!
  4. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Jul 24 2010, 04:19 PM) QUOTE We got: 1) Digital Man 2) Entre Nous 3) Mission 4) Circumstances 5) A Passage To Bangkok and in this tour we gotthese surprises! 1. Time Stand Still 2. Presto 3. Faithless 4. Marathon 5. The Camera Eye 6. Vital Signs 7. BU2B 8. Caravan 9. Stick it Out 10.La Villa Strangiato Just because you don't like the songs doesn't mean they aren't a surprise. Good or Bad they are surprises.
  5. QUOTE (Phallic's Lifeson @ Jul 22 2010, 03:25 PM) QUOTE (druid13 @ Jul 22 2010, 03:07 PM) "Phallic's Lifeson"....hmmm....interesting name.....hmmmmm. I am not sure why people hate Presto so much? I mean it does not remind me of..... (MOD EDIT: pic of shit log removed) Some songs on Presto are OK or at least listenable. But some are just mindnumbingly awful such as Whore Paint, The Ass, Pissto, Ass-a-grab For Man-ho, Red Mountain Fresh Tide with Bleach, Ass Insert Fist, Poopycumdickedher, and Available Shit. Show Don't Tell and Chain Lightening are pretty good. Are you for real dude? If you don't like a particular album feel free to comment to that affect but don't bash it. Others such as myself, happen to really like Presto. No reason to make fun of the names of songs. Geez, are you even really a Rush fan. I'm surprised they haven't booted your @$$.
  6. I do agree that I was hoping for an old "YYZ type" solo but do think that TSOR was fine as an opener. They couldn't really build an opening video the way they did around a lesser known song. Did you hear the crowd reaction during the opening vid depicting different versions of TSOR? I know in Milwaukee it raised the crowd's levels of excitement in my view.
  7. I'm really getting pissed at all the bitching about the setlist on the Time Machine tour. Hey people get over it and realize how awesome this actually is. Whether or not you like the band's choices of songs on the first leg of this tour...you are missing the big picture. Maybe you're not a fan of Presto or Faithless or whatever but that's to one's own preference. The fact that Rush is digging deep but maybe not hitting your "must hear" songs is irrelevant. On the S&A tour they played two legs but only tweeked the setlist slightly for the second leg. For those of us that will be lucky enough to catch them twice on this tour it could be epic. We got to hear what is arguably their greatest album in it's entirety with 2 new songs being played. Next year we get to hear at least 5+ (most likely) new songs plus whatever changes they make to the setlist. You can count on them dropping 3 or 4 of the MP songs and that makes room for more songs such as JL which I believe will resurface next year. To me it was brutal dealing with the slight changes and still having to go through the same 5 new songs on last tour's 2nd set. I think 2011's tour will rock for the simple fact that I think we're guaranteed to at least 6 or more changes. These guys won't be around forever and I choose to enjoy what I get instead of bitch about what could have been. Bring on the bitchin' guys.
  8. I've seen Rush 17 times now. Approx. 11 indoors and 6 outdoors. Indoors is better as far as the light show for the 1st set. No need to adjust the setlist because of sunlight. But I have to admit that I've heard good and bad sound qualities from both types of venues. Depending on where your sitting, indoor venues can echo a lot which is annoying as hell. But outdoor venues can suck if it's raining and you are sitting in lawn seats or have to run for a beer or bathroom break. Overall, with weather permitting I think I enjoy the outdoor events more for the crowd vibe. I know for me in Wisconsin there's nothing like Rush playing during Summerfest at the lake front!
  9. QUOTE (1-0-0-1-0-0-1 @ Jul 6 2010, 12:45 AM) QUOTE (pedro2112 @ Jul 6 2010, 01:32 AM) From requesting they stop playing their best songs (Freewill and Subdivisions) to suggesting that one will sell one's tickets because of ONE song on a set list (Faithless), the level of sheer idiocy in this thread is practically overwhelming. Wow. Just wow. Yeah, this is a classic WTF thread. No doubt. Man if they play Tom Sawyer on the next tour I'm not going...
  10. I wouldn't swap out anything they're playing on this tour. I think they did a nice job of playing songs you wouldn't expect. If I were to "tweak" the set slightly it would be to add JL to the end of the 1st set and Xanadu to the end of the 2nd set. I thought both sets just flew by and adding another 7-10 minutes would have made it perfect for me.
  11. I saw your sign last night also. The only down side to my enjoyment was the 6' 6" dude in front of me (I'm 5' 6"). It did make a lot of the first set difficult to watch but in the second set some people left our row and I moved down a bit. As far as the setlist goes, I didn't check any spoilers so was surprised by the songs and order they appeared. Only real slight disappointments were the abscence of JL and maybe Xanadu. I also thought each set was a bit shorter that it could have been. Maybe the addition of the two I mentioned, one ending each set, would have made the night perfect. Loved TSS & Presto. I was happy that Counterparts was represented with Stick it Out but would have preferred Cold Fire or Between Sun & Moon. The 2 new songs were AWESOME live and it made my anticipation of the new cd that much greater. Loved the whole time machine theme. Neil's drum set was just sick and I mean that in a good way. One of my best experiences seeing Rush (17th show for me) ever. Please hit Milwaukee on the next tour!
  12. Ok, I checked out the shirts at the Milwaukee show last night. I did not see any shirts at all that were specifically for women. Some of the shirts were pretty damn cool though. My suggestion is you buy a white one and wash it with a red sock. ....sorry, couldn't resist.
  13. QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Jun 29 2010, 10:16 AM) QUOTE (GeminiRising79 @ Jun 29 2010, 09:47 AM) Is the new setlist on rushisaband.com the real thing? If so, I'm terribly disappointed if this is true. Why not give us a melange of their entire musical history? What are you missing specifically? Wouldn't their reply qualify as a spoiler?
  14. I'm going to the show this Sat. in Milwaukee and I'll report back if there were any shirts for the ladies (all 4 of you ).
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