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    Neil sent me a pair of sticks at the Chicago show, 9/8/07, for a big sign I brought that said "Hi Canada!".
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  1. Just a bump to remind people coming to the Chicago show of this terrific charity event. Chromey will be on display at Vic's Drum Shop starting at 11am, this Saturday, the day Rush is playing at the United Center. Please come out, see this amazing part of Rush history, and support a good cause. Vic's Drum Shop is at 345 N Loomis, Chicago, less than a mile from the venue. Cheers, Chris
  2. New appearance added! Chromey will also appear at the 11/3 screening of Time Machine Live 2011 at the Randall 15 IMAX in Batavia, Illinois, 5-11pm For more details, see my other posting about this event.
  3. chrxtopher


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. It was always one of my favorites on Signals, maybe second only to Subdivisions. I get what people say about the lyrics being more prose than poetry, but to me they're accurate and descriptive and set up a narrative structure for the music that builds anticipation and releases it climactically with a section that really soars. I also think the keyboard solo is one of the finest moments of synth work in the Rush catalog. I also grew up in Florida, and saw a number of launches over the years. I was entranced by NASA, manned spaceflight, and the hope of becoming an astronaut. I do surely hope that the US will return to the pursuit of manned spaceflight soon. Though it is expensive, it is one of the noblest pursuits of humankind. If we would only shift away from so much military spending, I think we could afford it.
  4. Moving Pictures Permanent Waves Hemispheres A Farewell To Kings Fly By Night
  5. The RRHOF is a joke. And if it were run like any other hall of fame (MLB, NFL, etc.) with experts and HOF members voting, Rush would be in already. As it is, I think the RRHOF is a great rallying cause and punching bag for us fans. And it's a fun thing to get upset about. So, I kind of enjoy it from that standpoint. All that said, I think if Rush were to get inducted, we'd mostly think it was awesome and go to the ceremony rather than boycott. All would be forgiven. Anyway, I give to you the Sex Pistols' reply to the RRHOF when inducted and invited to the ceremony: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4085/4985477009_72b5b6d0ab_o.jpg
  6. chrxtopher

    RUSH in 3D!

    Just to be clear, the show at RushCon will be a full color 3D projected photography show with music, titles, etc. It will be like a 3D movie, with everybody sitting in a dark room wearing sunglasses style 3D glasses (not the red/cyan). The images I posted are just to give some semblance of the depth. The third one (L/R/L) can be viewed like Magic Eye photos, but it's not as easy. You may have to make the image smaller, or sit farther from the screen. Magic Eye designs are usually only requiring your eyes to diverge about 1.5 - 2 inches. The first two images have a separation of nearly 3 inches. The 2nd and 3rd images can be viewed by crossing your eyes, which is often easier to do. However, I can't email any of the photos out. They're the property of RushCon and Anthem. Hope lots of you can make it to RushCon and see the show in all its depth and glory!
  7. chrxtopher

    RUSH in 3D!

    Hi all, sorry I haven't been on the board in a long time. I've been hard at work on an amazing project that will blow you away. When Rush came to the Midwest last April, I went to three shows (Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit), with media photo passes for two of them (Chi, Det), and photographed Rush in 3D for an awesome multimedia presentation at this year's RushCon in Las Vegas. PLUS, John Arrowsmith borrowed one of my 3D cameras and photographed those shows and Toledo in 3D from all around the stage. This show, "Freeze This Moment," will take you around a Rush concert in a way you've never seen before. You'll be in front row, in the pit, above, behind, and ON the Lighted Stage! And the show also addresses the fan experience, before, during, and after the greatest concert experience. This show will ONLY BE SHOWN AT RUSHCON. And you do NOT want to miss this. Register now, before it's too late. The After Party sold out, but is now at a larger venue. And RushCon is quickly filling. SPACE IS LIMITED. RUSHCON X1 Website While it is impossible to show you the images in full 3D, here are a few teasers. (and FAR from the best images) http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/5527/rush3dad.jpg http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/3069/rush3danaglyph.jpg ^^^^ requires red/cyan "anaglyph" glasses. (The show will be in FULL COLOR with polarized glasses) http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/3008/rush3dlrl.jpg ^^^^ Left / Right / Left format, for those able to parallel-view or cross-view stereo pairs
  8. QUOTE (JohnnyBlaze @ Nov 17 2010, 09:47 PM)QUOTE (ForceTen @ Nov 18 2010, 10:47 AM)QUOTE (1-0-0-1-0-0-1 @ Nov 17 2010, 05:10 PM) QUOTE (chrxtopher @ Nov 16 2010, 04:52 PM) Me = sig image VVVV Cool, another movie star! You didn't catch a certain documentary about a certain Canadien power trio last summer? Because that TRFer was in it talking about Subdivisions and himself Yeah, it's funny, I got recognized by tons of fans at the Rush shows I went to this past tour. I was at RushCon the last few years and got interviewed. I guess I said the right things because Sam used two clips in the movie, and one in the DVD extras. By the way, RushCon totally rules, and everybody should go. I've had a complete blast every year I've been ('07, '09, '10). For those that have signatures turned off: http://www.christopherschneberger.com/images/SigImage.jpg
  9. What made my day yesterday, last night to be precise, was band practice. Moon has been working on a song for several weeks that just came together amazingly last night. It was mostly there, but one section just didn't work as well. Even though I'm the drummer, I offer up opinions and suggestions to the guitar and bass players. After trying out several possibilities, one worked out perfectly. The bass continued his progression from the previous part (chorus) while the guitar played a repeating mid-range figure that has a very hypnotic quality. It was just so rewarding to have worked on something, and pushed through the frustration of it sounding "not right" several different ways, to finally resolve it with a part that sounds really good. And personally satisfying to me to have offered up the arrangement idea that solved the issue. I love it when a song comes together!
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