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  1. Oh Ticky I think the album is great "Astonishing " even
  2. You will I shall return Sooner than later
  3. 33 Years ago today John Henry Bonham passed away Crank some Zep and drink a cold one r.i.p.
  4. I like it so far, i think the ballad sucks Producton is good but i don't hear anything as good as Outcry or Lost Not Forgotten
  5. Nah , i don't think so JP wrote them and he along with Jordan are still friends with him Plus, Your 15 min is up ? Hate Portnoy all you want but he is still a famous guy It can really be about anyone they have met but i don't think it's about Portnoy
  6. I agree He should wear a Baseball jersey from the town they are in Or a Slayer shirt
  7. My top 5 fav "Live" albums Judas Priest -Unleashed In The East Kiss - Alive Alice Cooper -The Alice Cooper Show The Allman Brothers Band -LAFE Kansas -Two For The Show My fav live Rush album Exit Stage Left
  8. I remember hearing it on the radio Moon was the man ! rip
  9. I would like to take all these "Boy Bands" Set them on fire and throw them off a cliff I also would like 5 min alone with Justin Beiber In a room with a baseball bat filled with rusty nails
  10. Get everything up to 1980 then stop Unless you like watered down Pop/Disney music
  11. We got this on PPV . What a shit show, they were drunk and sloppy . Cheese , pure cheese
  12. I love the Dio era Long Live Rock & Roll is their Masterpiece imo
  13. Can't wait for this , i just hope Lemmy is alive to tour
  14. I like it more than most of the rehashed shit on the last album JP needs to Stop being the "Producer" and they need to get fresh ears The drum sound is not so hot MM is a Great drummer but he needs to stop following the guitar all the f***ing time Has anyone seen JLB hair these days ? LOL , he looks like a tool
  15. I just checked agian , Yep , they still Suck
  16. I would pay good money for the demos Ed and Al did with Gene Simmons in 1977 for the Love Gun album
  17. I went to the Premier last night in N.Y.C. Rob , Richie and Fat Eddie Trunk were there . Great all around , sound and setlist. The Blueray is mine in 2 weeks
  18. Don't get cocky , the week is not over yet
  19. Good album but Room 24 with King D steals the show
  20. Best - 3rd Row dead center on the Presto tour . Meadowlands N.J. & 1st Row for Side 1 of Moving Pictures on the Time Machine tour at Mohegan Sun. Until asshole security made me move when there were Many seats open
  21. My First show was May 18th 1981 Madison Square Garden on the MP Tour My Last was May 11 2013 in Atlantic City NJ 42 Shows in all
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