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Steve Albini died

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He was a big name in the punk and indie rock scene and produced some really good albums you may have heard of. "Surfer Rosa" by the Pixies and "In Utero" by Nirvana are 2 of them. Only 61. RIP

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Too soon. Rest in peace. Probably the truest manifestation of the punk ethos I’ve ever read about.

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4 minutes ago, invisible airwave said:

In Utero is better than Nevermind.  Even Kurt wasn't happy with the Vig production.  RIP


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He's still wrong about Steely Dan, though.


A long time ago I read something that Butch Vig said about how loud recorded music was and the "brickwalled" problems and he said that's just how it was going to be because of radio airplay. Steve Wilson has proven, as have others, that it doesn't have to be that way. Vig may be an ok drummer but he's a dunce on the mixing board. 

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Oh no! So sad. Mr Albini was a maverick with his production methods. Had a high level of integrity too with how he operated. I really liked his mixing results, especially on bands that were great. 61 is no age :sad:. RIP Steve Albini.:rose:

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