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RIP Judy Tenuta, 1949-2022


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Judy Tenuta, comedian and self proclaimed "" Love Godess" passes away at 72 of ovarian cancer.



My God, this woman was a scream. Her routines on TV were wild, but live she was a riot, having toured with George Carlin.  I saw her in in the 80's and she had the audience rolling, especially trolling then boyfriend Emo Phillips and various local references like  her mom's trips for new clothes to Lauderdale's infamous Thunderbird Swap Shop, a swap/ flea market on the grounds of a multi-screen drive-in theater.  RIP, Judy.

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She was hilarious and had the greatest attitude!  I loved her work. Not many, if any, other women could make playing the accordion be really funny and be good on it at the same time. RIP, Judy.  You will be missed.

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  • The title was changed to RIP Judy Tenuta, 1949-2022
12 hours ago, invisible airwave said:

1979?  Was she Benjamin Button or something? :laugh:


AJA, worth mentioning her role as Lorena in this video.  RIP




Thanks, ia, I edited the topic line to reflect  her actual year of birth.

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