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Thank you! It was rough, even though I hadn't seen him in years, we had been in touch all the time.

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I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend.  That was a lovely blog post you wrote about your relationship, and such a reminder to appreciate each day.  Hugs to you and to his family as well.  

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2 hours ago, zepphead said:

What a very touching tribute.

I wish I could look back at some of my exes in such a kind way!


LOL - I've managed with most of the big loves of my life to be able to stay in touch, I guess I'm just lucky. 


I actually just had ANOTHER ex BF die 2 weeks ago, but it was a more casual thing with him and I hadn't seen or talked to him in like 30 yrs. He was supposed to be at a gathering I was at about 5 yrs ago but didn't show - I'd wanted to see him just to see what he was like after so long. So now I'm even more bummed he didn't make it.


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