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Another RPG: Crimes Of Passion vs. Union

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  1. 1. Album

    • Pat Benatar - Crimes Of Passion
    • Yes - Union
  2. 2. Artist

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An odd matchup, but given the general reputation of post 90125 Yes vs. the general reputation of early Pat Benatar I think this might be pretty close! Well the first poll anyway. These are Rush fans we're talking about.
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In terms of albums , CoP is one of Pat's best. Union however isn't even remotely close to being one of Yes's best .... so CoP gets the vote.

In terms of artists, Yes wins by a country mile.

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I love Union. Especially compared to the “Yes” albums that came after it.

And it was probably the heavy metal album of 1991. If Yes had got the metal grammy ala Tull in 1987 that would have been absolutely appropriate.

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