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TRF's Would You Rather Game


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Didn't look for a thread that could've been like this, because I wanted a new one. Anyways...



What we do here is ask "Would You Rather: This option or That Option". The next person to post responds with what option they choose, and ask a different question. This cycle goes on. I'll start:




Would You Rather:

Let Ringo Starr always be the songwriter for The Beatles (when they were still writing songs)


Have Rob Halford be the lead singer for Van Halen III (when they were writing this album)

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I didn`t know who "Lizzo" was, not having LABT`s encyclopedic knowledge of "Hip hop/funk pop/R&B soul/doo-wop" (genres courtesy of Wikipedia). The flute angle might have been interesting, as it could have replaced Hagar`s lyrics and provided a much easier listen. Anywho, I would have chosen the French wine podcast.



Van Lizzo




Van Mustaine

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